The Cow Says Moo, And Haru Says I Love You! (A Hatsuharu Love Story!)

ok, so the survey said most of you wanted Haru, but Kyo was real close, so I might make another story just for everyone who loves him! Well, get reading!

Chapter 1

Ginger Has A Temper!

I looked up at the house that I had spent so much time looking for. I was looking for my cousin, and after I asked around town, I found out she lived here with a family called Sohma. I know she didnt know me, but right now she was my only option. My Mom told me years ago that her Mom was a gangster, and that her daughter would be just as bad, but I doubted it, because everyone in the town had said she was the nicest girl in this place.
I walked up the porch and toook a deep breath, and knocked.
A girl opened the door, "Hello?'.
I stared at her, then ran up and hgged her.
"Oh, um, hello!" she said, frazzled.
I let her go and looked down shyly, "I'm sorry, I know who you are, but you dont know who I am. I've been spending days looking for you, so I'm happy to see you!"
She looked at me in amzement. "Why would you be looking for me?" she asked.
I sighed, "It's a long story." I said.
"Well, come on in! I have some tea if you'd like some."
I nodded and she let me in the house. I placed my bulgy tote bag on the groun and took off my shoes, and she led me into a dining room place. There was a man sitting at the table already, and there were two boys as well. One had light hair, the other had orange ginger hair. The man looked up from his newspaper and looked at me in shock, probably becuase of my blue hair, that feaks everyone out it seems.
"Well, Tohru, who do we have hear?" asked the man.
Tohru looked at him then me, "Um, uh....."
I grinned, "My name is Lolita, but please call me Lola, Lolita is too fancy I think."
The other boys looked up at me too, and the guy with orange hair looked at my hair and laughed.
"And urs is the color of a pumpkin, you think I care, ginger!" i said, kinda ticked off.
His face darkened with anger, "DONT CALL ME GINGER!" he yelled getting up and in my face.
"GINGER, GINGER, GINGER!" I screamed back, him getting on me already stressed nerves.
"If you werent a girl, I'd be over your azs!" he said angrily.
While me and ginger threw insults back and forth, Tohru and the other boy looked dazzled, and after a minute, the man stood up and seperated us before I could kick Ginger where it hurt.
"Now you two," he said. "thats enough. Miss Lola here is out guest, and we dont want to ruin her visit with all this violence. And I dont want my house getting broken any more than it all ready is."
Ah, so Ginger here is a fighter huh? I thought to myself.
The boy huffed and sat back down, and I stuck my tongue out at him when no one was looking.
"Please forgive Kyo, he's got a bit of a temper." said the the other boy, and he smiled slightly.
"I DO NOT, YOU STUPID RAT!" Kyo yelled, but everyone ignored him.
"Um, well, Lola said she had been looking for me for a while, so I invited her in." I hope thats ok Shigure?" asked Tohru.
The man, who must have been Shigure, nodded, "Well, she must have a very good reason to be looking for our Tohru." he said.
"I do, so do you want to hear the story or should I get straight to the point?" I asked them.
"GET TO THE POINT!" yelled Kyo.
"No, I want to hear the story!" said Shigure with a girly voice.
"Yes, I'd like to hear it too." said Yuki.
"Ok, I'll tell you the stry." I said...........

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