A Ryan Butler Love Story

A Ryan Butler Love Story

You move to Canada after your dad died, your neighbor is Ryan Butler, What wil happen

Chapter 2

Part 2

~NEXT DAY~ YM:GET UP JAMIE!! u grabbed ur pillow and slammed ur head into it. JA:much better. YM:JAMIE!!!! u got out of bed. JA:IM UP!! u got dressed in a black v-neck, bright blue skinny jeans and black boots. u ran down stairs. YM: u look cute today. JA: thx so wats fo breakfast? YM:i havnt gotten time to go to the store. JA:ugh! all i wanted was a poptart!! YM:im sry... can u walk to school today? JA:first no poptart now no ride!!?? YM:im taking u to get ur drivers licsense tmrw. u gave her a hug then went over to sean and kissed him on the forehead. JA:bye bud. S:bye james! when u got to school everyone was staring at u. i knew i shudnt have worn these pants. then u had a flash back of the day after u bought them, u wore em to school. ~flashback~ everyone stared ur best friend Matt was with u. JA:everyones staring, i new i shudnt have worn these pants. M: hey theyr just jelous cuz they dont have those amazing pants! u laughed JA:ya!! ~end of flashback~ JA:theyr just jelous. u whispered to ur self and kept on walking the day went by with people staring ang making fun of u. u got to ur 5th class and sat down. ???: jamie? u turned and saw it was Ryan. JA:Ryan? RB:u go here? JA: i do no. RB: cool. so hows ur first day been. JA:fine, everyone having nothing to do with me. RB:oh sry. JA: naw its cool as long as they keep it to themselves. he laughed RB: no one talks to new kids cuz theyr afraid theyr gunna get beat up by someone who cares about who other ppl talk to. JA:so ur not afraid? RB: naw, not of some dude who thinks he can beat me up when he cant. u laughed. JA: whatta bout reputation? RB: ya i guess thats all that matters. JA:then y r u talking to me? RB:cuz ur cool and my friend. u smiled RB: hey wanna sit with me at lunch? JA:sure thx. Im glad i kinda no someone here. RB:u'll make friends. JA: i hope. RB: u will. after class Ryan found u. RB: hey! JA: hey u no this is a much nicer way to say hello to someone. u both laughed. u guys walked into the lunch room, ryan pointed to a table full of girls dressed in showy outfits. JA: popular chics? RB:yup i wud suggest staying away from them. JA:will do. he pointed to another table of guys. RB: jocks, then theres where i sit, justin bieber and the crew. JA: u no justin bieber? RB:ya.... he looked down expecting u to scream. JA: thats cool. RB: ur not gunna scream? JA: naw im not obsesed with him. RB: o cool. u guys sat down. JB: whos that? he pointed to u. RB: geez guys this is JAmie. Jamie this is Justin, Chaz, and Chris. they all said hey. CB: y is she here? RB:cuz shes my friend, shes my neighbor. CS: ok but its still bad for our rep. JB: ya man. RB:dude! ur justin bieber u hang out with someone they become cool not u become uncool! JB:ur right! RB: i no! JA: so r u guys the most popular dudes here? CB: pretty much. ~next class~ a girl was siting next to u. G: i like ur pants JA:thank u! u smiled. G: my name is Jenna. JA: im Jamie u guys talked and soon became fast friends. ~after school~ u were about to walk home when ryan stopped u. RB: hey JAmie!!! JA:hey. RB: how u getting home? JA: walking. RB: u dont have a car? JA: well i do but im getting my licsense tmrw. RB: tmrw ur bday? JA: yup. RB:cool, ill drive ya home. JA:ok.... u got in his car. RB: so how u liking Canada? JA: havnt really been anywhwere. but i luv the weather. RB: ill show u round tmrw. JA: cool! u got to ur ouse and hopped outta the car. and walked into ur house. JA:yo mom! im home!! ur mom came downstairs. YM:how was ur first day? JA: alright Ryan goes there and i met this girl Jenna. YM: ok good. JA: y did u make me start on a friday? YM: the principal said to start asap JA: great.

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