A Ryan Butler Love Story

A Ryan Butler Love Story

You move to Canada after your dad died, your neighbor is Ryan Butler, What wil happen

Chapter 1

Becoming Friends

Ur name is Jamie (JA) ur 15. ur dad just died and ur mom (YM) took u and ur 4 year old brother Sean (S) to Canada. ur more of a tomboy, u use to be on the football team and basketball team, but u still no how to be a lil girly.

~story time~

ur sitting in te car going to ur new house. YM: sigh we're finaly here! S:YAY! JA:FINALLY!!! u got outta the carand just stared at the house. JA: holy...! this place is a freakin mansion!! YM: lets go inside!! U picked up Sean and carried him inside. JA:its even better inside!! YM: go pick ur rooms! JA: sweet! i call master-- YM: except for the master bedroom, thats mine. JA: fine!! u ran up the stairs and chose the biggest room. it had a balcony. JA: I CALL THIS ONE!!! S: ima has woom accwoss fwom u. JA: ok buddy! he ran into the room. U walked downstairs. JA: it's so empty! YM: we r buyin stuff tmrw. JA: what? i thought we were shipping our old stuff out? YM: i thought we shud get new stuff. JA: right... I love the emptiness. YM: really? JA: ya i mean my whole life has been a crowded place. YM: ya I guess so. Sean came running down the stairs S: big! empwee! u laughed. YM: hey can u go get the sleeping bags outta the car, we'll have to sleep on them tonight. JA: k!

~next day~

Ur mom was yelling from downstairs. YM: Jamie!! GET UP!! u lifted ur head then slammed it back down on the wood flooring. JA: OWWWW!!! where the he!!! did my pillow go!? u got up, the pillow had slid behind u. JA:UGH! u held ur head then went downstairs. JA: u happy mom? u made me slam my head on the flloor! ur mom chuckled. YM: I shud wake u up like thaT every morning. JA:WTF!? ur mom laughed YM:we gotta go get furniture! JA:ya ya ya lemme take some advil first. u met ur mom and sean in the car. u got ur furniture and waited for the guys to put it in ur house.
when they were done u looked in ur room. ur bed with black covers was in the middle of the room against the wall. there was a closet to the side of that. there was a desk with a neon green pillow on the chair and a laptop on the desk. the wall was black with paint splatters of neon colors all over it. u started to go thru the boxes of stuff u had. u got to the bottom of a box and found a folder, u looked insde and found aton of pics form photo booths of u and ur friends, wich waS mostly guys. there were so many pics. u put them al on a corkboard and hung it up. u stared at all of the pics of u and ur friends being dorks u sighed and shook ur head. ur mom came in YM: hey honey.... u sighed JA: hey. she saw the corkboard. YM: im sorry honey... i no u miss them. u nodded. she hugged u then left.
???: those ur friends? u jumped up and screamed JA: what the he!!!!! it was a guy who looked about ur age and was realy cute. he was laughing. JA: who the he!!! r u?! ???: im ur neighbor. he smiled. JA: how did u get in here? ???: our houses r connected by our balconies. JA: k... good to no... now y r u in my room?! ???: thought id say hello. u nodded. u opened ur door and screamed out JA: THANKS FOR SEEING IF IM OK MOM!!!!! cuz u no i just screamed cuz some dude i dont even no is in my room!!!!! ur mom yelled from downstairs. YM:ITS THE NEIGHBOR!!! JA:STALKER MUCH!!!? u closed the dor, the dude was laughing. u shook u head JA: whats ur name anyway? ??: Ryan, Ryan butler. JA: cool im JAmie... RB: nice name. JA: thx RB: so u didnt answer my question. JA:what question? RB: r those ur friends? he pointed to the corkboard. JA:uh... ya.... RB: thats alot of dudes... JA: ya... whats wrong with that? RB: nothin just most girls have more friends that r girls than guys. JA:well im not like most girls. RB:i can tell. JA:ha ha very funny. he laughed. RB:hey if u wanna hang out sometime? JA: sure. he smiled RB:well i gotta go see ya! u smiled JA:later! he walked back to his house. u walked downstairs and sat down. JA: u told him to do that didnt u mom? ur mom laughed JA:thats a yes. u shook ur head YM: what!? JA:crackhead. sean looked up S:u has a cwack in u head? u and ur mom laughed YM: no i dont im fine. u sighed ur family didnt laugh a whole lot since ur dad died. YM:ur going to school tmrw. JA:what!? YM:yup! JA:nooooo! YM:yes. JA:ugh!

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