Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 6

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 6

Chapter 1

a day alone

by: kinewnew
“Adriana, Adree sweetie wake up” a voice said. I started to stir. “Oh, hi father, yes?” I asked him. “Well Lucius and I are going out on important business today. And Narcissa is going out with Bellatrix.” He told me. I lost all sympathy I had for Bellatrix when she murdered Sirius and found out she tortured Neville parents into insanity. “Ohh okay, so that means me and Mal- Draco are here alone.” I asked, my eyes lit up. “Yes so can you try not to hurt him today,” he asked. “Sure, but can I invite a friend over from school you know so she makes sure I don’t rip Draco to shreds?” I asked. “Sure, dear I don’t think Lucius will care.” he said and he kissed me on my forehead and walked out and as if on cue lily pecked at the window. I let her in and took the two letters from her beak. First were Ron and Harry’s

Well alright as long as he does nothing bad to you, because I will hurt that little insignificant git. (Obviously Ron) Remember Adriana is this important well I hope you are having a decent time while you are there.

Ron and harry

Next was Hermione’s

Wow, are you serious. That’s actually nice, sounds like you are enjoying yourself. We are going to diagon alley on Friday see if you can get them to go that day also. I miss you. And we can get a chance to see Fred and George’s shop.


I started to write harry’s

well my dad is leaving me here alone with Malfoy for a day because him and Lucius have important thing s to do and. Narcissa is going out with bellatrix. Now I know you don’t like that name but I had to tell you.


I can try to go that day. But my dad is leaving me and Malfoy here alone together. So I was wondering if you could travel here by floo powder and spend the day with me. I think I am starting to like Malfoy a lot more than anyone could ever know. I need you here to control me from doing something I might regret, like kissing him. Pansy Parkinson came over yesterday and she tried to use the one of the unforgivable curses on me. I was too quick for her of course. I almost kissed Malfoy, I really wanted to. Wow I only been here 2 days and look at me.


I tied both to lily’s leg. And off she went. I walked down to the hall to Draco’s room to tell him about Hermione coming over. I thought about knocking but after all those times he just came into my room I decided to pay him the favor. I opened the door to see a half naked Malfoy getting ready to take off his Slytherin boxers. He looked up and I couldn’t help but stare at him and his abs. “wow, Smith ever heard of knocking?” he asked. I was still lost for words as I stared at his chest some more. “You really do like what you see, huh?” he asked as he walked towards me. He leaned in so that his face was half an inch from mine and slammed the door in my face. I finally snapped out of it, jerk I murmured under my breath. I walked down stairs towards the fire place, knowing Hermione would here soon. Malfoy walked down sometime later, “what are you doing down here, smith?” he asked. “I see you finally figure out what a shirt is and I am waiting for a friend.” I told him. “You know you like me that way,” he said. “You are waiting on mudblood Granger aren’t you?” he asked. “Maybe I am so what. And don’t call her mudblood.” It hurts to say that word. “Yea, whatever I’ll just invite some of my friends here then, like blaise and Crabbe and Goyle,” he told me. “You do that” and the fireplace went on. “Oh, good she’s here now I can stop talking to you,” I said. Hermione appeared and she fell with a thud. “Hi, Adriana “she said happily but her face dropped when she saw Draco. I just shook my head and led her upstairs. “He’s bringing his friends over here, so I think it’ll be best if we stayed in her for awhile. She was amazed at the sight of my room. “Wow, Adriana you weren’t kidding this is Gryffindor paradise.” She said in complete awe. “Yep, so do you want to watch a movie or something?” I asked her. “Um sure, but tell me what happened so far in full detail. “Okay…” so I started with the pool yesterday and the incident this morning. “So, his body is really that amazing” she asked. “It’s beyond amazing it looks like someone literally carved it out.” I told her. Hermione opened her mouth to speak but we were interrupted from a loud thud downstairs. We quickly ran down only to be greeted by Crabbe, Goyle, and, Blaise. “What is it doing here?” Crabbe asked angrily pointing to Hermione drawing out his wand. “She is not an it and put your wand away, before you get hurt.” I told him. “Oh yea and who is going to hurt me, not you.” He said. I pulled out my wand and began to say the first spell in my head. “petrifi--” I felt a force that pushed me and Crabbe to opposite sides of the room. I looked up and saw Malfoy in the middle with his wand up. “Adriana, I think I should get going,” Hermione said. “yea =, im sorry about the Hermione, that 15 minutes was nice while it lasted.” I told her. “yea Granger, your kind isn’t welcome here,.” Crabbe said. “I think you should leave to Crabbe and you Goyle and Blaise.” Malfoy said. Goyle and Blaise gave Crabbe a dirty look and went to the fire place one after one they were gone. I gave Hermione an apologetic look as she went it to the fire place. “I’m sorry about--” Malfoy started. “no I’m sorry I was going to curse Crabbe.” I told him. “so, what now we still have 4 hours till my parents get home,” he said. “We could watch movies, that’s what me and Hermione was going to do,” I said. “What’s a movie,” he asked. I really wanted to laugh in his face. “a Movie is kind of like a wizard picture except the picture it changes scenes too.” I said “oh, well what kind of movies do you like?” he asked. “I like the scary kind,” I told him. “Oh okay how about you get it set up and I’ll get popcorn and that stuff,” he said. I was going on a date with Draco, well it wasn’t really a date but I was going to be watching a movie with him. I got the stuff set up and Draco came in with the snacks. “Now a scary movie isn’t scary unless you’re in a dark room” I told him as I walked to the drapes. I closed them, bad mistake it was way to dark. And my eyes wouldn’t adjust. So I tried to make my way to the couch and I plopped down. I realized I wasn’t sitting on the couch. “Wow Adriana you wanna play that game, huh?” He asked. I slowly slid off and grabbed the remote to turn the movie on. Now I was scared of every scary movie and I would get really paranoid after it was over. I used Draco to my advantaged, and I snuggled with him the whole movie. Putting my face in his chest whenever I’d get scared, grabbing on his arm. I had eventually fallen asleep during the second movie my head in his shoulder. “Adriana, get up” Malfoy said. “Did you just call me Adriana, again Draco?” I asked him. “You called me Draco,” he said. “Well, I think maybe we should start calling each other by the first name,” I told him. “Maybe, we should” he said. I got up and headed towards my room. “Where are you going?” Draco asked. “To my room, you can join me if you want” I said seductively. “Seriously?” he asked his eyes getting wider with hope. I nodded and took his hand a led him to my room. I went in and ask he got closer I slammed the door in his face. REVENGE! “Your gonna pay for that one Smith, I mean Adriana.” I heard him say through the door. I changed into my pj’s and dreamt about Draco all night. The last days have been good.


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