Under Age & Out Of Control (25)

Chapter 1

Lights Out

"No. I didn't know what you were doing." I said as he hugged me. "You ain't as short as you used to be." I joked. "Yeah, yeah but you got shorter." He said. "Still the same Declan I've known all my life." I smiled. Damion walked back down stairs, thankfully without the turkey costume. "Damion! Come here!" I called. "Damion. That's one hell of a name." Declan whispered jokingly to me as Damion walked over. "Damion, this is my cousin Declan. Declan this is my future husband Damion." I smiled. Declan looked at me. I held my hand up and showed him the ring. "Ok. Let's get this straight. Your marrying my cousin?" Declan asked Damion. "Yeah." Damion said. "Ok. So, limme tell ya something buddy. You hurt this girl here," he said pointing to me. "Your azz is mine. Got that? I will personally track you down myself." Declan said. Damion laughed lightly. "Ok. But I can promise, I want hurt her." He said. "I mean mentally, physically, and whatever else there is. Hurt her any shape, form or way and your mine." Declan said. "Supper's ready!" I heard my mother call. "Alright you two. Let's go." I said pushing them towards the kitchen.
We ate then everyone talked some more. It was nice when the holiday's came around because I could see everyone then.
~The Next night/ The Dance~
I hadn't ran into Paige yet but there was still a chance I would. The day wasn't over yet.
"I'm going to get something to drink. Do you want anything?" Damion asked. "Yeah. You can bring me some punch or whatever." I said. "Are you going to stay here?" He asked. "Yeah. I'm going to wait on Monica." I said. "Alright. I'll be right back." He said and kissed my forehead. I watched as he walked off and Miceala walked up. She was part of Paige's group but at the same time she was on our side. She pulled me to the side. "Paige has something awful planned. I'm warning you. Leave before she gets here. I can't tell you what she's going to do because I don't know myself. Just get out of here while you can. Its something very bad. Stay close to Damion and don't stray for from him until you get home. I'm warning you, Bri. This is bad." She whispered. She looked around and then hurried off. I was worried. But maybe she was lying. Maybe she was trying to get me out of here for Paige. Then Monica and Damion came walking up. Monica slightly stumbling. Her deep red knee dress shook slightly as she walked. She stopped and pulled her heels off before she fell. She was laughing about something. "What is wrong with her?" I asked Damion fighting a laugh. "I think, she is slightly drunk." He answered. "Hand me that." I said reaching for the cup of punch. I smelled of it. "There's alcohol in this." I told Damion pointing to the drink. He shrugged. "Yeah. Your right. Its not gonna hurt to drink some." I said. I turned the cup up. Monica came up laughing and put her arm around me. "There's my best friend!" She said cheerfully. "How many have you drank?" I asked Monica. "Well, when I get this one down. One." She said. I raised an eyebrow. "Of five." She smiled.
~Monica's POV~
"of five" I smiled. She shook her head and I giggled. I could see Josh at the dj booth really into the music. I then saw a really hott blonde come and talk to Damion. I eyed him carefully and noticed nothing to Damion like, no obvious tattoos that is. I downed the drink I had and walked to the table to get another. I numbed into one of Paiges minions on my way there and it seemed like she snarled at me. I shrugged it off and poured myself another cup of punch. As I made my way back to Bri I ran into the blonde guy.
"I am so sorry" he said. I giggled and looked up at him batting my eyelashes.
"it's okay, your really hott" I giggled. I sipped on my drink and smiled.
"I'm Reid, one of Damions friends" he said.
"I can tell. I'm Bri's best friend. My names Monica but you can call me Moni" I said. I stumbled forward a little and he caught me. He took the empty cup from my hand.
"I think youve had one too many of these" he laughed, still holding me up.
"well i'm glad I did cuz those drinks got me into the arms of someone super duper hott" I giggled and looked into his green eyes dreamily. "you're really pretty" I giggled. He laughed
"you are too, even being this intoxicated" he laughed. I laughed and put my hands around his neck, keepin my self from falling. He held my waist to ensure my safety. He leaned down and slowly kissed my lips. I kissed him back happily. He was pulled away from me and I kinda fell backwards. Dante punched Reid in the mouth.
"don't touch her. Don't put you punk arse mouth on her, don take advantage of her" he slurred. Reid pushed him back and he seemed really angry, as if Dante had breached a sensitive topic. Bri was at my side in a second as Damion jumped in to help Reid out. I'd have to talk to him about that sensitive topic....
~Normal POV~
I heard people gasping and I looked around. I saw Reid and Monica's friend Dante fighting. "Damion, go help him!" I said. He ran to help them and I followed. He broke Dante and Reid up. "What's going on?" He asked. "Tell your sleazy friend to keep his tongue to his self!" Dante said. He had to be just a little drunk. Probably not even drunk. He seemed protective over Monica. "Now, just calm down. Reid, what the hell is he talking about?" Damion asked Reid, still standing between them. "I. Kissed. The hottest girl I have ever met." He answered. "Who?" Damion asked. Monica raised her hand. "Ok. And you had a problem with that why?" Damion asked Dante. He mouthed like he was trying to find the words to say but couldn't. He stormed off. "Are you ok?" Damion asked Reid who had blood coming from his mouth. "Yeah." He said blankly.
We were standing next to the fire exit door. I had done drank a few and I was beginning to get a little drunk. Just a little. Then the lights went off. I felt someone grab my arm and pull me out the door.
~Damion's POV~
The lights came back on and I noticed something was missing. Bri was missing. "Bri? Bri?" I called. I was worried about Bri because she was getting pretty wasted herself before the lights went out. I looked over the crowd to see if I could see her. "Monica!" I called. The music wasn't playing yet. I started looking for Monica or Bri one. I found Monica getting sick in a trash can. "Monica, have you seen Bri?" I asked. "No. Where is she?" She asked. "I don't know." I said. "Come on. You are wasted. You need to come with me." I said.
I pulled up at Bri's house. Monica was passed out. I ran up to the door and knocked. Bri's mother came to the door. "Damion? Where's Brianna?" She asked. "That's it! She's missing!" I said. "What? What do you mean she's missing? Have you been drinking?" She asked. "Yes. Someone spiked the punch. The lights went out and sh-she was standing there beside me and when the lights came back on, she was gone!" I explained. "You were drinking? Where's Monica?" She asked. I could tell she was getting pissed off. "She's in the car passed out. Do you think its my fault Bri is missing?" I asked. "You were drinking! How do I know you two weren't fighting and you put her out somewhere?" She asked loudly. "I swear I did not put her out! We weren't fighting! You can go to the school and ask! The lights went out!" I exclaimed. "Ok. Take Monica home while I get my close on and we'll go down to the police station." She said.
We got to the police station and went in. "Can I help you?" A policeman asked when we walked in. "Its my daughter. She's missing." Bri's mother said. "Come with me." He said and turned around and started walking.
"Do you have a recent picture?" The man asked. "Yes. This is her school picture." She said handing him the picture. He nodded. "When did she go missing?" He asked. "Tonight. At the dance." I answered. "Well, we usually give them at least twenty four hours to come home. Maybe she left with some friends." He said. "She wouldn't do that. I'm here boyfriend. When we're anywhere together, she won't leave without telling me." I said. "Well, you never know." He replied. "No! Your not listening!" I said loudly. "Son, have you been drinking?" He asked. I sighed a frustrated sigh. "How old are you?" He asked. I handed him my license. He nodded. "Come with me. Your being arrested for under age drinking." He said. "What? You can't arrest me! My girlfriend is missing!" I exclaimed. "If you don't corporate with me then it will be more than a few days." He said. "Dammit." I muttered. I sighed and followed him. If I was a pain in azz that would more time lost to find Bri.


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