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Chapter 2


When I looked up, Chris and Kyler were walking towards me. Chris, well, he's just horrible. "The heart of a killer," my friend Carmen always said. Kyler has been in jail twice; once for attempted murder when he was 9, and the second time for selling drugs when he was thirteen. Chris has murdered people before. I know because I watched him do it once. I hadn't meant to watch but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the gruesome sight. He had seen me run away when he was finished, I knew that much.

I slowly backed away. "What do you want, Damien?" I asked using Chris's last name.

"Oh, smart mouth. I could cut it off if you'd like."

I gave him a look that made him laugh. "Why would I even want that?!"

"Come back to my place." He said and towered over me. I shook my head and backed up a few more feet. "Why not?" He walked forward. I scooted back. "Why do you keep moving backwards? Are you scared?" He grabbed my arm in a steel grip. "You have nothing to be afraid of if you haven't seen anything bad happen in the past few weeks."

"Shut up and go away." I said, pulled my arm from his grasp, and glared up at him.

"Cora! Get in the car!" I turned and a black Bug pulled up next to me. Carmen's car. I gave Chris and Kyler a smirk and turned to leave.

Chris grabbed my arm one more time and whispered in my ear. "Someone else saw you that night. It was their kill, also. Watch your back, Evans, he's always around watching you."

Goosebumps grew on my arms and I shivered. I quickly pulled away from Chris and got into the passenger seat of the Bug. "Jesus, Cora! Stay away from Chris! Stay away from Kyler! Stay away from them when they're together!! What were you thinking?! Do you have a death wish?!?"

I sat silently and let her yell at me all she felt like.

Finally, she changed the subject.

"So what are you doing on Christmas?" She asked.

"Just staying home........"

"In that run-down apartment building?! The one with all the petifiles, murderers, and druggies?! Jeez, Cora, Christmas is the holiday that was made to be spent with your family."

"I would if I could." I mumbled and Carmen pulled up to my old apartment building.

"I didn't mean to say that..."

"Of course you didn't," I mumbled just quiet enough that she couldn't hear. "I know, Cary (pronounced Car-e long e)."

"Hey, get some sleep, OK? I'll pick you up tomorrow at eleven so we can go look at Winter Dance dresses."

I nodded my head, shut the door, and made my way to the building.

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