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Chapter 1

Around That Time

"Hey! You're that...Flora girl." I looked up from the cash register and saw Stacy Morgan, a stuck-up girl from my school.

"Uh...Cora actually." I said and she set a book on the counter. I looked down and read the title in my head, Most Commonly Used... I stopped reading. Of course, cheerleaders only buy books about seex. Go figure.

"Ring that up for me." She said.

I did and then with her extremely tan hand, she handed me a debit card. After I rang it up, I started handing her the bag but she held up her finger and pulled at my nose ring. "Ow!" I yelped and jumped back, dropping her book on her foot.

"Ow! You...you..."

"I'm sorry, is there a problem here?" I held my nose and looked up at the store manager.

"She dropped this book on my foot!" Stacy screeched and made over-exaggerations.

"Flora, is this true?" Asked the stout woman who paid me.

"It's Cora and no it's not." I let go of my nose and there was a tiny drop of blood on my hand.

"Whatever! I'm out of here!" Stacy said, flipped me off, picked up the book, and left.

"Cora, this is the fifteenth time in two days! You can't keep upsetting the customers!" She closed her eyes and shook her head. "I think you should take a break, it's around that time of year isn't it?" Mrs. Gorgan asked, and I looked down, ashamed, and nodded.

"You go take a break for a couple weeks and I'll change the schedule."

"NoNoNoNoNoNo! I just...no! I need the money. I'm already having trouble with house payments as it is; I just...I need to just get my head in the game." I said quickly with wide, panicky eyes.

"Fine. At least take the rest of the day off. You know what? Go pick out that book you've wanted to read for a while, and I'll buy it. As a birthday/Christmas gift." She said.

"Thank-you, Mrs. Gorgan." I whispered, jumped over the counter, and ran over to the book I wanted. I looked back at Mrs. Gorgan and she nodded. I smiled, nodded my thanks, and darted towards the back room where my coat was.

Walking Home~

"It's around that time isn't it?" Mrs. Gorgan's words sent shivers down my spine and I pulled my coat tighter around me. The snow was a pure white and looked like the good twin and the sky was the evil, dark one. The sky, filled with dark clouds, poured snow from its cloud tops. It was a beautiful sight and I probably dulled its beauty with my ugly face.

"Hey! Evans!" I turned just in time to duck from a flying snow ball.

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