Under Age & Out Of Control 24

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Chapter 1

Turkey Suit

Me and Damion was going to meet my mother, Brenda and Jamie at the courthouse for our court date with Dani. We were aiming for him to spend at least half of his life behind bars.
I watched as the outside world passed outside the car window. "Are you ok?" Damion asked breaking the silence. "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be? I was just thinking." I said. "You just seem distant lately. Ever since the party the other night, you've just been... withdrawn." He said trying to find the words that wouldn't upset me. "I don't know. I haven't noticed a change." I replied. He slightly nodded. Then a few minutes passed. "I want to know something." I said. "What might that be?" He asked nicely. "How did you find me and Dani that night at the old gym? No one seen me. How did you know where to go?" I asked. He almost smiled. "You thought no one seen you. The neighbors heard something strange outside. I suppose they heard when he broke the glass out of the car. I asked did anyone see or hear anything and they said yes. They said they thought you two were just playing a game or something. I asked around until I found you. I followed my links down to the old gym." He explained. "I owe you my life, Damion. If it wasn't for you finding me, I don't know where I'd be now. I probably wouldn't even be alive. And Jamie. You saved him from probably the worst nightmare ever. You kept Dani from finding him." I said. "You don't owe me anything. You saved me also. And as for Jamie, he's too sweet of a kid to let something awful happen to him. I didn't need a reason to save either of you. Because I love you both." He replied. I smiled warmly.
We pulled up at the courthouse. Me and Damion unbuckled our seat belts and I sat there for a second. I took a deep breath and exhaled. "Are you sure you can do this?" He asked with his door partially open. I nodded. "If you can't, let me know and we'll leave. You don't have to stay in there with him." Damion said. "I have to do it. For you and Jamie. Because, Damion, if he gets out he'll be right back and next time we may not be so lucky. You saw how close you came. I can't take the risk." I replied. He nodded. "But if I can't take it, I'll let you know." I continued and opened my door. We stood up and met each other in front of the car. He held his hand out, offering to hold mine. I took his warm hand as the cool fall breeze blew calmly. "Remember what I told you. If you can't handle it, we'll leave." He said. "Ok. I'm not giving in to my fears." I replied. "Your a strong woman, Bri." He said and kissed my cheek.
I sat there in the bench waiting for the judge to finish what he was saying. "Your honor, if you don't mind, the defendant would like to talk to this young lady here." The lawyer said pointing to me. "What must he say that he cannot say threw the microphone?" The judge asked. Dani whispered something to his lawyer. "He's willing to speak over the microphone. He would just like to say something to the young lady and her loved ones." The lawyer said. The judge looked at me. "I'm not afraid of him. What worse can he do to me? Let him speak." I said. "Very well then. You may speak." The judge said. Dani leaned over the small mic there on the table where he sat. "Bri, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone. I just wanted to get Jamie away. I wasn't going to hurt him. But what you done, Bri, you left me no choice. I'm sorry for the damage I inflicted upon you. I hope you can forgive me." He said. "Left you no choice? Left you no choice? Are you crazy? Dani, you left scars on me and Jamie and Damion that will never heal! And your hoping I'll forgive you? I hope your not holding your breath because your going to hit your head when you pass out." I replied. Someone in the stands snickered. Actually, a few snickered. I stood up and pulled my shirt up exposing the branded D on my stomach. People gasped. "This, Dani. This is one of the scars. The other, you scared your little brother so bad that he's having horrible nightmares. He has woke up crying and screaming, begging me not to leave him because the last time I left him, I almost didn't come back alive. So have fun while you rot in jail." I continued. People began to whisper. "That's my girl!" Damion said proudly. I smiled slightly and sat back down. "Order! Order in my court room!" The judge demanded loudly beating his little hammer thing against the desk thing. People started calming down.
They declared Dani insane. He was going behind bars for a good thirty plus years until they decided otherwise.
"Maybe I underestimate your powers sometimes." Damion said as he stopped at the redlight. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You handled that, at court, better than anyone I know ever could. I never even saw a tear in your eye." He said. I snorted. "I learned that crying don't make anything better. If anything it just makes it worse." I replied. He smiled and patted my knee like an elder woman would.
I was laying on my bed when I heard rocks hitting my window. I got up and looked out my window. Damion was standing on the ground. When I opened my window he climbed up a ladder to my window. He leaned on my window seal. "What is my beautiful bride to be doing on this lovely evening?" He asked sweetly with his chin propped in his palm. "She was lonely until her future husband came and rescued her." I smiled. "That's nice to know." He smiled back. He grabbed my hand and twirled our hands. "There's a dance tomorrow night at school. How would you like to be my date?" He asked. "I'll have to think about it especially since its tomorrow!" I exclaimed. "I just found out a few hours ago! Sorry!" He apologized. "I guess I can forgive you but on one condition....." I trailed off with an evil grin. "Oh no. What is that one condition?" He asked. "You come with me to pick the dress out." I said. "I guess I can fulfill that one condition." He replied with his chin still propped in his palm. "I'm training you. You have pleased me." I smiled jokingly. "That's good to know." He said and leaned on the palms of his hands on the windowsill. "Tomorrow. Four o' clock. Meet me at the dress shop." I said. I turned, fixing to go to my bathroom for something when Damion stopped me. "Hey!" He said. I turned back around and looked at him fighting a smile. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked. I walked back over to him. "Am I?" I asked with a smile. "I believe you are." He said. "What?" I asked. "This." He said and puckered his lips. I laughed and kissed him. "You wanna come in for a minute?" I asked. "I've got to get home. But I am looking forward to the dance." He said. "Don't forget your going dress shopping with me tomorrow first." I said. "Damn you ruin a guys dreams quickly." He joked. "I'm pretty good at that." I said.
~The Next Day/ Dress Shop~
"What do you think about this one?" I asked Damion holding up a orange knee dress. He made a weird face. "No." He said. I saw a dress that I wouldn't even suggest for my worst enemy. I smiled and held it up. "Ew. God no. Please don't torture me like that." He said. I laughed. "Trust me. I wouldn't suggest that for my worst enemy." I said. "Put it away! Please! Its burning my eyes!" Monica exclaimed. "Trust me. I was ''not'' about to get that dress. Don't you dare bury me in a dress like this." I replied. "Bri, Damion, this is Josh. Josh, this is Bri and Damion." She said. "Hey." I said hanging the dress up. "Hey." He nodded shaking Damion's hand. I held my hand out. "I don't shake a ladies hand." He smiled. He took my hand and kissed it. "I really hope this is your boyfriend, Monica." I said with a slight smile. "Uh, he's here helping me pick out a dress." She said. "Well, just in case Monica hasn't told you, Damion is my fiancee." I said to Josh. "Yeah. She informed me not to be a flirt." He smiled.
I found a beautiful lilac knee dress. It had clear rhinestones at the bottom and it was strapless. "Go put it on." Damion said. "Yeah. Go put it on!" Monica repeated. "Alright." I sighed and went to put the dress on.
I walked out. Damion's jaw dropped. "Wow." He said. "Please. Wipe the drool off your chin." Monica said jokingly. "Hey, that's my future wife. I can drool all I want to." Damion replied to Monica. "Please don't remind me." She said pinching the bridge of her nose and shaking her head. "Its not that bad. My last name will be different." I said looking in the mirror at the dress. "And you can't help me pick out men." She said. "Oh yes I can. I'm engaged. Not dead." I said. Damion looked at me. "You know I love you baby." I said looking over my shoulder and winking at him. "What time is it?" Monica asked. "Uh, twelve thirty." Damion said. "Crap!" I exclaimed. "What is it?" Damion asked. "We have thanksgiving at my house! At one!" I exclaimed. "Well you better come on. You know it takes you a while to get ready." Damion said.
I put my dress in the back of Damion's car and got in. "I can't believe I lost track of time!" I said as he got in a started the car. "Don't worry. We'll be there on time." He said calmly.
A few moments of silence past. "I think we should get a place together before we're married." Damion said. "That sounds great!" I said. "It makes sense though. Then we'll have somewhere other than our parents house or a motel on our wedding night." I continued. "Exactly what I was thinking. That would be way weird on our wedding night to be in our parents house." Damion said. "Yeah. We still haven't decided a date." I said. He thought for a minute. "After your sixteenth birthday. Then we won't have to listen to anyone about me being seventeen and you being fifteen." He said. "I'm not worried about what anyone says. Its what matters to us. Not them." I replied.
We pulled up at my house. "My family wants to meet you. My mom said for you to come." I said opening the door to the car. "Ok. I'm going to go home and get ready then I'll come back." He said. "Ok. I'll see you when you get back." I said and kissed him. "Love you." He said as I shut the car door on my side. "Love you, too!" I waved as I ran up the steps. I couldn't help but stand and wave as he pulled off even though I knew he was coming back.
I got dressed and went back down stairs. Everyone was standing around. "There's my beautiful grand baby!" My grandmother called. I walked over smiling and hugged her. "Let me see the ring he got you!" She said. I held my hand up. "That is a beautiful ring, baby. When are you getting married?" She asked. "After my sixteenth birthday. We haven't planned yet." I said. Before she could say anything, I heard everyone laughing. I turned around to see what they were laughing about. Someone was dressed in a turkey suit dancing around in our house. "Get the gun! Its time to turkey hunt!" I heard a familiar voice yell. It was my cousin Declan. Whoever was in the turkey suit came over to me and grabbed my hands and started dancing. I couldn't help but laugh. "Mom! Hey, Mom! Have you heard from Damion? My phone is upstairs!" I yelled across to her. "No. He's your fiancee!" She yelled back. I got my hands back from the giant turkey. "Excuse me." I said still fighting a laugh. I started up the stairs. "Wait!" I heard Damion call. I looked up. Damion was dressed as the turkey. "Oh my gosh!" I said. He smiled his bright smile. Everyone was laughing. "What are you doing?" I asked as I hugged him. "Making a fool of myself." He smiled. "Well go pull that costume off! Halloween was over a month ago!" I said. "Ok." He said and walked up stairs. "Are you being a beyotch to me or something?" I heard Declan ask. I turned around.


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