The Real Story of Cedric Diggory Part III

The Real Story of Cedric Diggory Part III

I can't believe it!! I have 105 reads on the first part of my story!! You guys are all great, and thanks so much for reading!

Chapter 1

Early Break

I heard Jennifer running after me, I knew it was her, but I didn't dare look back. I had read once that you should never look back when you're running from someone--it'll only slow you down. So I raced through the halls and up stair cases without once glancing back to see just who it was following. By the time I reached the hall Professor Sprout's office was on, I was out of breath, and my follower was hot on my heels. I banged on the heavy wooden door that was Professor Sprout's, shouting for her to come out. I didn't wait for a response--I turned and held my wand aloft, ready to defend myself.
I hadn't been wrong. Jennifer was behind me, and she looked distinctly evil as she screamed a curse out. I cast a shield charm, and ducked. Behind me, I could hear someone moving out Professor Sprout's chambers. Hurry!! I thought over and over again as Jennifer sent another curse spinning my way, this time a non-verbal jinx. The door behind me flew open, and I was momentarily distracted, hoping Jennifer would lay off on the spells now that a teacher was on the scene. No such luck. I knew I was done for as it sped my way. The spell was ice-blue, one I hadn't seen before. It hit me in the chest, and suddenly all sound was muted, as though it all came from far away. I fell backward in slow motion, hitting the ground with a thud. My breath flew out of me in a gasp, and my eyes rolled back. I just hoped Professor Sprout could deal with the crazy student quickly.......................

"Well, Miss Brandt, welcome back to Earth."
"How are you feeling?"
"Come now, let me help you sit, drink this."
"Mlegh, no....."
"Yes, now drink it!"
I recognized the voice as belonging to Madame Pomfrey, and reluctantly opened my mouth to swallow the bitter-tasting potion she offered me. I still felt...icy inside....really cold, though my skin was warm to touch. I swallowed hard, and readily accepted the glass of water then offered me.
"Professor Sprout's office, before her fireplace on the couch." Madame Pomfrey answered quickly. "How are you feeling?"
"Cold..." I mumbled. I opened my eyes wide, trying to see more than the blurry images I was getting. I could see Madame Pomfrey look to something over the couch before looking back at me.
"Where are you cold?" she asked.
" 'S funny you sh--should assssk that...." I said, my words slurring together. "I'mmmm alllll cold in--side," I finished, sounding shaky. I took a few more sips of water. My mouth didn't feel dry anymore, and my throat felt fine, but my head felt....fuzzy. Unclear. Nothing was coming through well. I blinked hard, but everything was still blurry.
"Hmm," I heard Madame Pomfrey say, before she moved over to a chair where she dug into a bag she had there, searching around for something. Then a thought registered in my swimming brain.
"Jen......Jennifer..." I managed, before taking another sip of water. Was it just me, or was that glass getting heavier?
"Ah, yes," Professor Sprout came around the couch and into my line of vision. "That 'student' is now in Headmaster Dumbledore's office."
"Is she not a--a stu..dent-t anymore?" I asked, looking down at my water. For some reason that was coming in clearly, but nothing else was. So I watched my sparkling glass of water reflect the flames as Prfessor Sprout continued talking.
"Well, she definitely is not a student anymore, not after such an attack on you. But she hasn't been a student for two years now."
"Huh?" I managed. Madame Pomfrey found what she was looking for and straightened. It was a vial of something faintly green.
"Miss Jennifer Demson has been a Death Eater in the making for the past two years. She recently got her Dark Mark. The Order--" Madame Pomfrey's head snapped back to look at Sprout, and then they both shrugged. Sprout continued. "The Order doesn't even know that there have been a whole new group of recruits already, Miss Demson one of them."
"Death Eaterrrr..." I mumbled, feeling sleepy.
"Yes," Madame Pomfrey said. "And, I know you only just came back to us, but I'm going to have to send you away again."
" 'Kay." I whispered.
"When you get up, you will be back at..." Professor Sprout's voice trailed into a whisper. " the cottage. Alright? You're having an early Holiday, Miss Brandt. Isn't that exciting?" Professor Sprout kept talking as Madame Pomfrey helped me swallow the sweet-tasting vial of liquid, and then I slumped back against the couch pillows, the glass of water toppling from my grasp.

"You just can't keep out of trouble, can you?"
"Yes, you're back at the cottage now." Cedric Diggory told me. I blinked, but didn't move more than my head. I felt pleasantly sleepy and very warm.
"You go on a trip to the village, and have to go to St. Mungo's before you can come back here. You go to Hogwarts, and you come back unconscious. You just attract it like nobody's business. Better watch out, or you'll give Potter a run for his money!" Cedric continued. I smiled, and then attempted to sit up. He watched me, ready to help me if need be. When I succeeded, he stood from his chair and took a tray of food off the dresser near the bed.
"Here's breakfast for you, troublemaker," he said, lowering the tray onto my lap.
"I'm not a troublemaker! I'm just a a dream-catcher, only different." Cedric laughed at my words.
"You are the oddest dream-catcher I would have seen, that's for certain." I shook my head and grabbed the buttered toast. As I crunched into it, Cedric said something, but I couldn't hear for anything over my chewing. I shook my head at him again, and swallowed.
"Sorry?" I said, picking up the cup of black tea. "I couldn't hear you, the toast, you know." I looked back up at him before taking a sip of the warm brew.
"I asked how you were feeling!" Cedric said, on the verge of laughing again. I shrugged.
"I dunno. Alright I guess. Do I look okay?" I asked. "I don't know what that girl hit me with...."
"Yes, of course, you look fine. And it was a dark curse, though not too bad of one, thankfully."
"Ced?" I began, crunching through my toast again before continuing. He looked at me attentively. "What is the Order?" Cedric looked at me carefully, a bit surprised.
"The Order of the Phoenix. It's a group that fights against Voldemort, and is headed by Dumbledore himself. They were first formed way back when Voldemort first rose up, but dissolved later, after Harry was Voldemort's downfall. Now that he's back, they've formed again, and include a lot of people we know. Mom and Dad wanted to be a part of it, and might end up being so. Dumbledore would have to personally approve of them though, and they would have to come out of hiding on just might make this whole situation a lot worse than it is right now, so they're considering a lot before asking Dumbledore," he explained. I nodded, and stuck my spoon into the bowl of oatmeal before me.
"Eww," I mumbled around the mouthful.
"What is it?" Cedric asked quickly. I swallowed.
"It's sweet!" He looked at me oddly.
"I don't like sweet things for breakfast. Oatmeal is better with butter and salt than....I mean I'll eat it, but..."
"No, that's alright. Do you like it with dates in it?"
"Yum, that's the only sweet way to eat it!" I exclaimed. Cedric grinned and switched my bowl out with his. I hadn't realized he had been eating too, before I'd woken.
"I don't mind it with dates, but I like it just plain sweet." I shudered, and he chuckled. I tasted the new oatmeal carefuly, making judgemental faces, before finally shrugging and finishing the bowl off with relish.

Later that afternoon, I went outside to watch the quidditch match Cedric, Mr. Diggory, and two of the guard were playing. They had a whole series going, and were now on the finals. The winning team would be awarded four galleons to be split amongst the players. I thought it was hilarious. Cedric swooped and dove, trying to block the scores that the guard were quickly racking up. Mr. Diggory yelled as yet another score went through--but that yell was soon turned into a truimphant call, as he rushed the Quaffle through to the trees on the opposite side of the 'field.' Now they were within five points of each other.
"What finishes the game?" I asked Mrs. Diggory. She shielded her eyes from the cloudy, yet bright, sky as she watched the players. "I mean, they don't have a Snitch or anything like that."
"They usually play to a certain score, but this game they have enchanted a Galleon to float about the field when the score reaches 100."
"Oh, that's fun!" I said, glancing about for where the Galleon might come from. The points were 99-95, guard. One more point, and then the Galleon would arrive on the field.
Then the guard scored, and Cedric groaned. I spotted the Galleon come flying off a tree branch near the middle line of the field. It zoomed about, nowhere near Snitch speed and agility, but it was still a clever enchantment. The 'Snitch' evaded capture much more than once or twice, each miss making the four of them go after it even more. Before long, the Quaffle lay abandoned on the field, and all four men were flying around in search of the Galleon. Mrs. Diggory and I couldn't stop laughing, tears of mirth streaming down our faces.
Then Cedric gave up on the chase, and grabbed the Quaffle. He flew to the other side of the field and started throwing the ball into the trees, using a Summoning Charm to return the ball to his hands. Once the other team figured out what he was doing, one of them gave off on the search, and went to try and block Cedric's attempts to get more points. By now, the points stood 152-100, Diggorys. Then Mr. Diggory saw the Galleon whiz past his head--at the same time that the remaining player of the other team did. Both of them raced after the 'Snitch'.................

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