Love May Bite Back (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Love May Bite Back (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Hi there! Thanks for taking your time in reading my story. :) Comment if you like it & I'll keep going!

- Ashleigh

Chapter 1

Chapter One - All I Really Want To Do

It was only my second week at my new school in Mystic Falls, & I made some good friends. I found my new friends by my locker, waiting for me. Luckily, their lockers were next to mine. They had already got their stuff, & I rushed up to them.
"Sorry guys! It's just not my day today." I said, hustling to get my stuff before the bell rang.
"It's ok, it happens." Elena said, giving me a smile.
"Yeah, but for me, it's just, like, so uncalled for." I said sarcastically. We laughed and got to class early.

(Stefan's Point Of View)
I parked my car, & went inside. I got my things out of my locker, & almost dropped them. I turned around slowly, & I couldn't believe what I saw.
"Damon." I said coldly.

(Damon's Point Of View)
"Hello, brother." I replied, smirking.
"What are you doing here?" Stefan asked me, with no emotion. He didn't look very happy.
"Hey now, don't be an ***. I came because I got bored." I said.
He snorted & shut his locker.
"You, bored?" he asked.
"I know. I couldn't believe it either. Now, what classes do we have together? I need to know so I can take my time getting there." I said, smiling.
Stefan rolled his eyes & got out his schedule.
We compared them, & we had first together. Also second, fourth, fifth, & eighth. I was thrilled.
We got to class a little early.
"Over here. Damon, this is Elena, my girlfriend. Bonnie, Caroline, & Ashleigh. This is my... brother." Stefan said.
"Ooh, Stefan has a girlfriend! Something I thought would never happen. Bonnie, nice to meet you." I said, making Bonnie blush.
"Hello Caroline." I said, smiling the same way. She blushed too.
I then looked at Ashleigh. My breath caught in my throat.

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