You always get us in trouble! (Emmett Love)

You always get us in trouble! (Emmett Love)

this is my original emmett love story...theres a little of paul love in here too.
its also dramatic so e prepared (:
loooove cloud

Chapter 1

Let the story began...

My name is Claudya Mickie Skalski.
Light brown hair.
Dark Brown Eyes. (change with mood)
Half Vamp
Every power you can think of
My mum is dead.
My dad is a sergeant in the U.S Marine Corps. I barely see him but he comes out for holidays(sometimes), birthdays, for the summer but just for 1 week sometimes even 2 weeks.
I have a huge mansion in the back of the woods, its very close to my other house.
Well it isn’t really my house but I call it my 2nd house, but its really the Cullen’s house. And my 3rd house is out on the reservation its not all big the other 2 but I love it but again I just call it a home even though it’s the Black’s.
I live with the Cullens but I go to the Blacks sometimes. You probably think if I have a huge mansion why the helll am I living with them well for your information my daddy is the kind of parent who is spazzish about me. He says that I’m the only thing he has left and im only 12 but im going to be 13 in May.
O yeah so youre not thinking why the hell am I not in school its because I don’t have to go if I want to I can cause I am registered, but I choose not to because I had the I.Q. of a high schooler when I was in kindergarten they kicked me out because I could read big books I mean its not that hard to read books like Harry Potter I finished the series in kindergarten and read them every year. I always laugh when I think about it because Emmett was like in a shock cause I was reading them and he was like “WTF I cant even read those!“
The boys, I mean the ones from the reservation always made fun of me just because Im smart especially, Paul probably because I finished his home work in a minute when he was struggling with it for about a hour. No one knows this but Edward cause I forgot to block out my thoughts but I always had a thing for Paul. I thought it would be just a little crush that I would get over but ever since he screamed at the school douche bag, Jessie; for calling me a nerd and pushing me into the pond. That was the last day I would ever attend La Push Elementary School.
I do have a another crush but im super afraid of Edward finding out and my life would kinda be ruined. But I can tell this it has something to do with Emmett…
Well im going shopping with Alice because she wants to buy me an outfit for Paul’s 13 birthday party!

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