draco vs fred love story (read intro. gives info in your character.) sorry if sent it to guys

read its a love story

your name: makaya
your age: 14
your type: pure blood
your year: 1st

Chapter 1

the red head

i was getting on the train for hogwarts. i always new i was a wizard. i was finally going to meet people like me and not have to be with all the muggles. i will finally know what my kind r like. i walked onto the train and went into a compartment. in there i saw a dark haired boy with glasses and next to him was a frizzy haried girl who had her face buried in a book. accross from here sat a 3 red heads brothers i guessed. " hey can i sit in here with you? i have no where else to sit." i looked to the dark haired boy but it was not him who answered it was one of the tall red heads. " yes of course" i looked at the red head carefully he seemed to be nice but i wasnt sure yet. i sat next to him cause it was the only spot open. i looked over at the dark haired boy again and noticed who he was " OMG your harry potter. " i gasped he looked up at me a bit surprised " yes i am so? " he said in a kind of tired voice " do u have the scar? " he lifted up his hair on his forehead which revealed the scar. " wow my parents talk about u alot. i just didnt know exactly who you were. hi im makaya." i said in a rush. "harry. these r my friends. herminoe" he pointed to the bushy haired girl next to him. she looked up and waved then shoved her face back in the book. " ron " he now gestured to the shortest on the 3 red heads. ron smiled and looked out the window. " george. " he pointed to one of the twines. he winked at me with a smile on his face. " and this is fred." he beckoned to the other twin with red hair. fred gave me a shy smile. out of these people fred seemed the nicest. but he kept looking at me off and on and then when i looked at him back he gave a slight smile and then turned his gaze to somthing else. " so what house do u plan to be in makaya? " he asked as if to break the silence.
" hopefully gryfiindor. my mother was in there but my father was in slythirin. " i said looking at him. " hopefully you get into gryfindor cause only the snobbiest, meaiest, foulest get into slythirin." he said in disgust. " who do u know who is in slythirin that u dont like? " i asked " malfoy. and HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED was in slythirin as well. " he said it so that no one but the 6 of us could here.


" hey were arriving at hogwarts right now so get your robes on" fred said. or at least i thought it was him couldnt tell between him and george. " wow it looks beautiful " i said in awe. fred just looked at me and when i looked at him he smiled. i could tell right there that he liked me. " its even prettier in the winter." he said looking only at me. " then i cant wait till winter. i love the snow that falls on the ground. it makes the earth look like a christmas wonderland. " i said and then turned to look at him. for a breif moment i got lost in his eyes. they were so pretty. just then the train stopped and i fell. fred caught me. i was starting to like him back.

two hours later

"RIDDLE MAKAYA " i heard the woman in the front of the room call my name. there was a burst in the crowd and i heard them talking about me. i stared out at them. a boy with white blonde hair caught my eye as if he knew who i was. then i heard the hat say " SLYTHIRIN " if there were any doubts on whos daughter i was they were gone 3 secs. after that. i went to go sit with pansy. a girl i had met while getting off the train. i watched the rest get called. then i heard " MALFOY DRACO" the boy who was staring at me.... the one with white blonde hair walked up to the woman with the hat. she had barely put the hat on his head when it said "SLYTHIRIN " he walked over and sat down next to me. " hi im draco malfoy. who r u? " well i wasnt hiding any secrets anymore everyone knows who i am now that theyve heard my name and what house im in. " makaya. makaya riddle. and i already knew who u were. " he looked at me. studying my face. then as if he liked what he saw smiled. i was not prepared for what happened next.

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