A Dangerous Obsession

Name: Jessica Sutley Age: 18 Occupation: nothing at the moment Ethnicity: White and Mexican mixed Siblings: 1 older brother Love Interest: Johnathan Hernandez (been together 2 years, engaged)

Chapter 1

Suicidal Maniac

"I hate you!!!" I screamed at my mother. I grabbed my car keys and ran out into the pouring rain crying. I flung open the door and sat on the now slick, leather seats. I banged on the steering wheel, taking out my anger. After that was gone, I was left with the sadness of having to leave my beloved home town. I stared the car and drove to the cliffs. I got out of my car and stood at the edge, dangerously swaying from the high powered wind. I don't want to move. My whole life is here. My friends, family, everything. I can't leave it all behind without a backward glance...
"What are you doing?! Get away from the edge!" someone yelled at me. I slowly looked back. "Can you hear me?" he said. To me, it sounded muffled and inaudible. I just turned back around and stared longingly into the cold waters beneath me. The next thing I knew, my muscles were contracting from the freezing cold water of the ocean.

~6 months later~
"Mom, I'm fine I swear."
"I've heard that too many times before. Your suicide attempts are at what now? Six, seven?"
"Shut up..."
"So what are you gonna do today, sweetie?" she asked changing the subject.
"Stuff.....look mom, I'd love to stay and chat, but I got to go. Love you, bye." I kissed her forehead and left. I had just started to drive away when my phone started vibrating. "Hello?" I answered.
"Hey, love," Johnathan replied.
"Hey, babe. What makes you call me on this beautiful afternoon?"
"The same reason everyday since all your attempts have failed." That left a sour, metallic taste in my mouth.
"You know you could lie to me and say it's 'cuz you want to here my voice or something. Mom already reminded me about all the attempts. I don't want to hear it all again."
"I'm sorry, Jessie, but I need to do this every day. That was our deal remember?"
"I can still relapse, you know, and I hope I do. I hate it here. We should have moved 6 months ago."
"If you do recall, you threw yourself off a cliff because of it." It fell silent.
"Are we done here?" I asked.
"I guess." I hung up. I hate him calling and checking up on me. I feel like such a child. I don't even think he still loves me. He doesn't act like it. Do I still love him? Do I still want to be Mrs. Hernandez? I contemplated these 2 questions on the way home.


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