What Am If I Don't Have You - Ichigo Kurosaki

What Am If I Don't Have You - Ichigo Kurosaki

Heyyyyy... here is another story that ive been working on... HOPE YOU LIKE!

Chapter 5

School Time

Your POV---
“You are so stupid, Ichigo!” You laughed through tears. He had scared you, and now you were laughing so hard you were crying.
He turned to you, laughing as well. “I’m-I’m sorry… I just had to do it!”
“Well, I’ll get you back soon enough.” You said with an evil smirk on your face.
“Ooh, now I’m so scared!” Ichigo laughed.
“Hoi, Ichigo. Are you guys ever going to go to school today?” You heard a new voice, one you hadn’t heard in a while.
“Rukia?! Is that you, Kuchiki Rukia?” You said peering past Ichigo’s shoulder.
“Haru-chan?” Rukia walked towards you.
You jumped up and went and hugged her. “Rukia-chan! I missed you so much! Where have you been?”
Rukia hugged you back and replied, “I told you I was busy! I remember telling you that I had to go back to the Soul Society because I had things to do there!”
“And I remember my response.” You smiled, mimicking yourself from 2 years ago, “But, Rukia-chan! I’m gonna miss you so much! And I don’t have any other friends here.”
Rukia giggled, and grabbed your hands. “So you’re going to be going to Karakura High?”
“Yep, with you and Ichigo-kun!”
Ichigo stepped in front of you two and held his hands up. “Wait, wait, wait. You two need to explain some things to me.”
“Oh no, Ichigo! We’re going to be late for class!”
“No, we’re not-” You and Rukia ran past him giggling. You shouted over your shoulder, “If you can catch us before we get to school, we’ll answer your questions! But you can’t use shun-po!”
“Wait- how do you know about shun-po…? Aw, never mind.” Ichigo began to run after you two.
You all ran, and ran. Finally, you saw the school come into view. You were close enough to touch the school gate. But then you gasped, because Ichigo had grabbed your hand and pulled you back.
“Hah! I… I caught you!” Ichigo panted, pulling you to him.
“Ichigo…” You turned around, trying to wiggle out of his grip.
“Hey, no fair! You’re supposed to let me catch you!”
“Aaagh! Rukia, help me!” You faked squealed and reached out to Rukia.
Rukia shook her head and sighed in impatience. “You two need to hurry up; I can already hear the 15-minute warning bell.”
“Oh CRUD!” You wormed your way out of Ichigo’s arms, and ran towards where you hoped the front office was. “I still don’t know where my classes are!”
“Do you want me to help you?” Rukia and Ichigo both suggested at the same time. They glared at each other, and both of them said, “I’ll help Haru-chan! No, I will! Haru-chan, who do you want to help you?”
“Umm,” You giggled nervously. “Why don’t you both help me, unless you guys have stuff to do in your classes.”
“Aw man!” Ichigo groaned. “I forgot that it was my turn to help Ochi-sensei set up the class…” He turned around back to you. “I guess I’ll see you later then, Haru-chan.” He started to walk towards his classroom.
“Ok, Ichigo. I’ll see you later!” You waved at him and watched him wave back. “Okay, Rukia. Now where do we have to go?”
“Here, follow me.” Rukia took your hand and walked with you to the administration office.
“Um, hello?” You peeked your head through the doorway.
“Ah, Suzuki-san, ne?” Kagine-sensei, the P.E. teacher, stood behind a desk. “The principal couldn’t make it to school today, so he asked me to help you. Kuchiki, you may return to your class room.”
“Hai, sensei.” Rukia patted your back softly, giving you support.
“Rukia-chan…” You murmured softly.
“Okay, Suzuki-san! Here is your agenda for the rest of the school year. You are in class 1-B.” Kagine looked down at you. “Now hurry up and get to your classroom, school is about to start.”
“H-Hai, Kagine-sensei! Arigato!” You turned around and ran/walked down the hallway, trying to find your classroom. By the time you had found your classroom, you were 5 minutes late.
“Aw, crud.” You sighed and looked down at you teacher’s name. Ochi Misato… “Um, excuse me…” You quietly slid the door to your classroom open.
“Ah! See class! I told you she would come!” A middle-aged woman who you guessed was Ochi-sensei grabbed your arm and pulled you inside the classroom. “You ARE Suzuki Haruko, ne?”
“Well, go on and introduce yourself.”
“Um, Hi everyone! As you probably know by now, my name is Suzuki Haruko. I really don’t care what you call me, as long as it’s not insulting or way-to-formal, okay?”
“Okay.” The entire class said at once. You heard some of the girls giggle.
“Okay, then Suzuki. You can sit over there, right next to Kurosaki.”
Kurosaki… Ichigo?! “Hi, Ichi-kun!” You smiled and slid into the seat next to him.
“Haru-chan? Wow, I can’t believe you’re in this class! Rukia is right in front of you too.”
You tapped Rukia’s shoulder, “Hi! Ruru-chan!” You had given that nickname to Rukia years ago, and you sometimes still called her that.
“Hi, Haru.” Rukia turned her head back around and smiled at you. Then she tapped you hard on the head and whispered, “Now pay attention, silly.”
You fake-pouted and then heard Ichigo snicker. You pinched his leg underneath his desk, and he winced. “Ouch… I will get you back later, so keep that in mind” He whispered in your ear as he reached forward to grab a pencil from your desk. You pinched him again. “Ow!”
“Give me back my pencil.”
“Fine. Here you go.” Ichigo pressed the pencil and something else in your hand.
“Don’t read it until after class.” Ichigo shot you a fierce glance and turned to listen to Ochi-sensei.
Okay then… For the rest of class you tried hard to pay attention to the teacher and to not think about Ichigo. But that was pretty hard to do.
Ichigo’s POV---
You smiled to yourself. She was in your class! You wouldn’t let her get into trouble, with you around. I guess during lunch I’ll have to ask her about this morning. And last night. But I don’t want to make her feel bad again. You sighed and looked over at her. She was taking notes on what Ochi-sensei was saying. You couldn’t even hear her; you were too busy thinking.
“Hoi, Kurosaki.” Ochi-sensei whacked you on the head with a rolled up piece of paper.
“Ouch! Ochi-sensei, what was that for?”
“Pay. ATTENTION! Suzuki that is what happens if you’re a guy and you are not paying attention in class.”
Haruko’s eyes sparkled as she replied “What about girls?”
“They get a little rap on the head like this,” Ochi-sensei tapped her head “and then they are told not to do it again.”
“Yay! I’m glad I’m a girl.” She smirked at you.
“Okay, let’s get back to work.”
You rubbed your head, and looked down at the sheet of paper Ochi-sensei had placed in front of you. “A test…” You quickly looked out of the corners of your eyes at Haruko. She’s doing the test too? I hope she does well. You noticed her rub her eyes. Is she tired, or is she… crying? You tried to get a better look at her face. As if she had sensed you try to look at her face, she turned away. Crud. Oh, well. I promise myself that I will ask her about it today, at lunch if I get a chance to. You turned to your own test paper, and started to try to finish it.

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