What Am If I Don't Have You - Ichigo Kurosaki

What Am If I Don't Have You - Ichigo Kurosaki

Heyyyyy... here is another story that ive been working on... HOPE YOU LIKE!

Chapter 3

A New Home?

Back to You---
“Here we are.” You looked up, taking in what was to be your “home” for the night. A clinic…? You thought. “Nice place” You said to Ichigo.
“Well, it’s livable.” He said laughing a little.
“HOI, ICHIGOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Ichigo grabbed you and side-stepped out of the way of some oncoming… missile? Some guy flew out of the house and crashed into the ground where you had been standing only a second ago. “Ouch… Well done my son! You quickly-” The man flew across the street from Ichigo’s fist.
“BAKKA(idiot)!!! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!” Ichigo shouted at the guy, who by now, was rubbing his bruised cheek and slowly standing up again.
“Well, well, Ichigo. That’s no way to talk to your father.” Wait, this crack-head is Ichigo’s dad? Ichigo’s dad turned towards you now “Well, hello there! I’m Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo’s dad! Are you Ichigo’s girlfriend?”
Ichigo smacked his dad’s head. “Bakka, no she’s not. I INVITED her to stay the night because she didn’t have anywhere else to go, right Haru-chan?”
“Um… Yeah…” You looked down at your feet uncomfortably.
“Well, then… Um, Dad, I’ll show her inside, if you could please MOVE out of the doorway.”
Isshin skipped (yeah…he did) into the kitchen where it seemed Ichigo’s family was eating dinner. You peeked your head around the corner of the door, not wanting to be intrusive, but then Ichigo whispered in your ear, “It’s okay. You can go in.”
“Huh? Oh, okay…”
“Welcome!” A little girl with yellow-blond hair wearing an apron waved you over to the table. “Would you like something to eat? My names Yuzu and I’m Ichi-nee’s sister.” She gestured to the black haired girl sitting quietly at the other end of the table. “That’s Karin. We’re both 11 years old.” (Yeah I looked that up)
“Nice to meet you, Yuzu-chan, Karin-chan. I’m Suzuki Haruko. Sorry for the inconvenience.” You bowed low apologetically.
“Now, now, Haruko-san.” Isshin said, patting you on the back. “If my son invited you over, you are not giving us any inconvenience. No need to worry. Now you should try some of Yuzu’s rice.” He sat you down at the table.
“Um, thank you.” You nodded thanks at Yuzu, who had just handed you a bowl of rice. You slowly tried a spoonful of the rice. Your eyes popped open. “Mmm… This is really, really good, Yuzu-chan!”
“Thank you! I’m glad you like it!” Yuzu smiled sweetly at you. You smiled back.
Ichigo’s POV---
There! She actually smiled… You thought. She is actually kinda… No, I shouldn’t be thinking about that now. You watched her eat and talk with your sisters. Karin actually talked to her as well. Karin snickered at something Yuzu said and Yuzu defended herself with a wooden spoon. Then you heard Haruko laugh. She can laugh… Well duh, everyone can laugh. But this laugh seems genuine. So do her smiles. Well that’s good. I guess she’s feeling better... You sighed, bringing yourself up out of your thoughts. “Dad” You said. “Can you help me bring the futon (it’s like a foldable bed-couch thingy) up to my room?”
“Of course, Ichigo.”
“Oh, and Dad?”
“If you embarrass her or try to probe into her life, I will hurt you.” You said with a menacing scowl on your face.
Isshin fake-shivered and said “Of course I won’t. I can tell she’s been through something too.”
You both brought the futon to your room. Then you went back down stairs to see what Haruko was doing with your sisters. You found her laying on the couch, next to your sisters, all of them asleep. You sighed. They fell asleep… Oh well. You carried Yuzu and Karin up to bed, and then came back down-stairs to take Haruko up. Urrgh… Should I carry her up-stairs, or should I try to wake her? You shook your head, and lifted Haruko up, carrying her up-stairs. She’s actually very light, not that I’m that surprised, because she looks so small. You gasped, because she had shocked you by grabbing your shirt. You heard her whisper, “Mako-kun, gomen. Gomenasai (I’m so sorry)… Please don’t leave me…” You gulped, and loosed her grip on your shirt. When you laid her down on the futon, you noticed that she was crying.
“Um… Hey, Haru-chan?” You tried to wake her up, but she just rolled over in her sleep and sighed.
I guess I just might have to ask her tomorrow then. You thought, as you climbed into bed yourself.

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