What Am If I Don't Have You - Ichigo Kurosaki

What Am If I Don't Have You - Ichigo Kurosaki

Heyyyyy... here is another story that ive been working on... HOPE YOU LIKE!

Chapter 2

A Lonely Night

It was a really bright star-lit night, a complete opposite from how you felt in your heart. “Damn I really don’t want to be here…” You sighed, looking at your new school. “I’d rather be at home… with my friends…” But you knew that that wouldn’t happen ever again. Not since that Hollow attack. You gasped, as your eyes start to cloud over. You started to sniffle, “No stop, dammit! I can’t cry… Not here… Not now…” But you couldn’t stop yourself. Tears started running down your face, as you sobbed quietly.
“Who are you?”
You gasped, and turned around slowly. You found yourself caught in a chocolate brown gaze. You quickly looked away, turning your head so whoever it was couldn’t see your tears.
“Are you okay?” The person walked around you, trying to get your attention.
“Yeah… I’m fine.” You quickly wiped your tears, and looked up at the person talking to you. “Thanks.” Your eyes widened when you really noticed how cute the person was. He was taller than you, with short orange hair, and chocolate brown eyes.
“What are you doing here?” He asked you.
“I…I wanted to check out my new school.” You shrugged, “I’ll be going here as of tomorrow.”
“Oh, really?” He studied you closely. “That’s cool, because I go there too. My name’s Kurosaki Ichigo.”
“Oh, nice to meet you Kurosaki-san. My name is Suzuki Haruko.”
“Haru..ko as in Spring child? And then Suzu-ki like Bell tree?” (That’s what those names mean in Japanese) Ichigo asked you. “Oh, and no offense, but I don’t really like being to formal, so you don’t have to call me that out of obligation.”
“Yeah that’s what my name means. Yours means Ichigo = Strawberry and Kurosaki = Black Blossom, ne (right)? Ha-ha gomen (sorry), should I call you Ichigo-kun or Kurosaki-kun, then?”
He smiled, lightly down at you. “Ichigo, will be fine, Haru-chan.”
You giggled, your spirits lifting higher by the second.
“Oh, crap.” Ichigo murmured, smacking his forehead.
“What?” You looked at him confused.
“I have to get back home; it’s getting kind of late. Where do you live? Do you want me to walk you there?”
You gulped: You didn’t really have a home, or even apartment to go “home” to. But you were too stubborn to tell Ichigo that. “No I’ll be fine.”
“Are you sure?” Ichigo asked you softly. His gaze seemed to pierce right through you, reading your thoughts.
“I-I… well… Y-Yeah… I’m fine. Thank you, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” You turned away from him and started running off.
“Wait! Haru-chan!” Ichigo ran after you and grabbed your arm pulling you to him. You both gasped and turned a little pink when you turned around and saw how close your faces were. “Um… Gomen. But I wanted to ask you, do you want to stay at my house tonight? I-I mean, if you don’t have anywhere to go…”
You sighed. If it would get him to stop probing into your locked up heart, then fine. “Ok. Ok, Ichigo-kun. I’ll come with you. But what if your parents say no…?”
“Not really parents, just my dad. And I doubt he would say no, which is what is worrying me…”
“Oh… okay.”
“Let’s get going then, here this way.” Ichigo pointed towards his house.
Ichigo’s POV---
You looked down at the small girl walking next to you. What happened to her? I saw her crying before. Should I ask her…? You shook your head, No. I didn’t like it when people tried to ask me about things like that. But still… She looks kinda lost. Her head was tilted down watching her feet, and then she lifted it up and looked up at you. Her dark purple eyes seemed to tear into you. Her eyes seemed to scream of sorrow, while she smiled falsely. Then she shook her long red-brown hair, neatly tied into a ponytail, and looked ahead again. Her smile… That was so false. What really happened to her? You almost walked past your own house, but then you lightly tapped her shoulder, and gestured to the building in front of you, “Here we are.”

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