The Enemy I Hate Is The One I Love(a Jacob Black Love Story)Prt1

Well me and Canuckmom wrote this. We think its great and we worked really hard on it. We hope you like it!

Chapter 1

The Fight Now The Apology

"Shut up, Jacob!" I screamed at him. "You know you like him!" He yelled back. "That would really piss you off, wouldn't it! Me dating your mortal enemy, Edward Cullen." Jacob started to shake. Looks like I hit a nerve. "Oh, You've done it now." He said still shaking. "Jacob! You wouldn't hurt your friend, right?" I asked him. "Maybe I will." A tear dripped down my face. "I'm sorry, Jacob." I started crying. This is the end. I thought to myself. Then I heard Jacob laughing. "You actually fell for it!" I glarred at him. "I hate you." I said and stormed out. That jerk! I can't believe he did that! Ugh. I walked along the beach for hours. I pass the beach from one side to the other thinking how much of a jerk he is, but the more I think that the more I see the good things about Jacob. Like his smile and how much he liked me. I couldn't belive that he thought I would date Edward. Bella has Edward and there's no changing that. I walked until I saw Jacob comming towards me. I knew that if I try to run he would catch me anyways, so I just walked towards him.
He pulled me into a hug. "I'm so sorry." He said. I pushed him away. "You really screwed up this time, Jacob." I ran into the woods. Why does he do this? First he acts like a jerk. Then he acts like the kind of guy I would fall for. What to do? I stopped walking and sat on a rock. I started to draw in the dirt with a stick. Each time I thought about what had happened I shivered. Just the thought of Jacob hurting me gave shivers down my spine. I glanced up. There was a huge wolf infront of me with sorrow in its eyes. I pet him. "I wish Jacob was like you. Your not mean or scary." I sighed. Thats a dream that'll never come true. The wolf shivered. I made it turn its head toward me. I looked into its deep chocolate eyes. Just like Jacob. I smiled. "I'll call you chocolate." I said. He smiled and nodded his head. I pet its Russet fur again. Leaving all the bad thoughts about Jacob behind me.


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