Dragons of Avaria

I've decided to write a story, if you haven't guessed! I love dragons and fantasy, so I guess we'll find out where this goes from here! Honestly I have NO story planned out, so bear with me!
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Chapter 1


by: Shiranuii
The first rays of light peeked over the mountainous horizon, illuminating thousands of glittering dew drops resting on the soft leaves of the black willows. A cool breeze sifted silently through the crisp morning, knocking tiny droplets from their homes and to the pleasantly blowing grass, tickling the tail of Guya. Scarcely lifting an eyelid, the dragon lifted her enormous head to the fresh glowing sun, blinked once to open the other turquoise eye, and let loose a satisfying yawn. Arising from her crouched position, she flicked her tail, shoving orange-toned leaves from the willows and scattering them on the earth. Carefully rotating, gold scales glimmering red in the light, she took two, three steps back to stare upon a stone-laced nest of silvery eggs.
An hour may have passed as she gazed hopefully at the future dragons, Guya occasionally breathing a few warming embers onto them, before finally she heard an innocent peep from an egg. Leaning down, she nudged the peeping egg with the tip of her large nose, avoiding poking the shell with one of her two nose spikes. Guya released a coaxing throaty whimper as the peeping became more rapid, and a first flake of egg came loose. She backed up suddenly as the other three eggs repeated the progress of their sibling as finally two hatchlings poked their wet faces through the cracked shell of their egg. Their mother licked them with her long reptilian tongue while the other dragons wrestled with the tough coatings' of their egg. Through the hole of one egg, a purple scale gleamed, a gold dragon fell out of another egg, and another gold dragon slid through an opening in their egg.
The last egg's owner made a mistake and tipped their egg over onto its' side, but after much struggling, poked through the defeated egg. Purring with delight, Guya spoke to them through thought, as dragons cannot speak in human tongue. ~Hello, young ones!~ and a simple reply was returned, ~Mama!~ Chuckling in the back of her throat, the children's mother assisted them out of their rocky circular home, and laid down again, golden-red face beaming. The hatchlings stared pleasantly back at her. She counted the four hatchlings, each laying down in the grass, and noted a male and female of gold scaling, a female of purple scaling, and a silvery-gold male.
Butterflies fluttered across her snout as she contemplated the fasted route to the Xendu Mountains, where her children would participate in the naming ceremony.
Finished, she slipped in between willows and oaks, poplars and ginkgoes, flattening an easy-traveling path for the young ones. Guya turned around to evaluate their process, only to find them sitting at their black willow tree staring blankly around them. Growling slightly, she snapped, ~Come on, then! Let's get a move on.~ Clicking back to reality, the hatchlings turned to trudge through the tall grasses. Moaning, she whipped her great body around and walked daintily back to the slow-moving kids. She nudged them in front of her, informing them to walk in front of her to speed up the going.
Only five minutes had passed before she finally gave up and sat down; the silver scaled hatchling was continually tripping, causing her to constantly push him forward. She picked him up and laid him on his back to analyze the poor-gaiting fellow. Instantly the other three hatchlings squeaked in a high-pitch tone, and Guya hissed in a ferocious and frightened way. Guya stalked forward, sniffing and then tasting the shoulder-area of the silver dragon. Hissing again, she looked at the other children, knowing that they had a correct four legs and two awesome leathery wings; anatomically correct for a dragon of her species. Shuddering, Guya once again risked a glance at that two-legged creature of her kin and blood. ~Where are your forelegs?!~ She inquired of him. ~Sulra Dragons do not lack this! Wings should not replace your forelegs!~ Guya also thought to herself, "Nor should they replace forelegs of any of my kin..."
Frustrated, she instructed the two-limbed hatchling to grip the front of her foreleg with his wing thumb-hooks. Giving the other staring dragons a cold stare, they yelped and immediately began walking forward again, on the path to the Xendu mountains. Rising, Guya trotted haughtily behind them, the amber sun blazing its' full glory across the beautiful lands of Avaria.

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