A Death Eater's Wish(Draco Love Story)

I'm ecstatic
I feel the magic
It's everlasting
The dream you hear about
and never truly think its realistic till it blows your mind
I never thought I could understand
I was searching me
and now I finally see

(My world can never be the same now that you took my hand and never let go)
You never really know love until you actually see it & feel it with your own two eyes

Chapter 1

Look Into My Eyes & See The One You Love

by: Kailiee
My name is Valyntena Arabelle Cardiff-Preston.
Eyes are bright green with brown tints. My black hair is sleek and wavy.
I am a height of 5'3 and my body is very petite and well-shaped,curvy.
I have moved from America and come to Hogwarts after being transfered from my all girls boarding school to this shool of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My mother and father are both a witch and wizard. My parent's moved from the Wizarding World to stay away from the Death Eaters and had left when they had me. I was just months old when we left to go to America. Now I am 16 my letter has been finally sent after me finding out about my weird powers that changed my life.

Dad seems to think everything's okay but I feel the same as before as we search shops for robes,books,and an owl. My dad believes I will be in Gryffindor like my mom but my mom says Slytherin like my father. They can only hope where I might join houses. I push open a shop and see wands on every shelf and turn to find my parents stopped by a familiar family. Their son steps away and turns toward the wand shop. He has sleek blond hair and his eyes are a beautiful shade of icy blue with a hint of gray. He has this sneer as he pushes past me leaving me with a shocked expression and Rude! screaming out in my head. I head in and Ollivander comes to me and says Ms. Preston I see you've finally joined the wizarding world this year. I nod and smile my I'm-so-not-happy-to-be-here smile and sweep a stray strand of hair out of my face and shyly put my hands behind my back. He grabs a wand and hands it to me ready to see me try it out. I wave it and the glass breaks in the vase and I hear a snicker behind me and turn to say Was that actually funny to you?. He turns his head with a scowl and I wave the next wand handed to me but this one fits good and has pretty carvings and when I wave it, magic really happens, wind blows my hair and my face turns bright and I know this is my wand. He grins at me and says We have a winner and I smile widely and turn to see the guy staring at me like I was a goddess. Ollivander wraps my wand and gives it to me after I give him 20 galleons(wizard world money). I run out to my mom and dad but they seemed distracted by the earlier family and I walk down the alley. I spot an ice cream shop and decided to go buy myself fudge ripple. I buy myself the biggest cone and start licking it before it starts to drip on my hand. As I reach for a napkin a hand already is there and handing me one. I look up to see the guy and he is smiling and I say Thank you, really surpprised.

He sits down and says Draco Malfoy and I nod while saying Valyntena Preston and taking another lick of ice cream. He hears his name and looks up with a sneer and I turn to see 3 people-a girl and 2 guys. The girl walks and stands behind Draco and puts her hand on his shoulder and the two guys sit down on either side of him. I watch them intently, quite amused as I realize Draco is their leader. I stare into the cold eyes of the girl(now introduced) Pansy Partinson and glare back not afraid of her or anyone sitting down at that. I rose and nodded my head towards Draco and left without another look back but I felt his eyes on my back as I walked away.

I ran through the wall and was at the platform 9 3/4. I turned to see my parents already behind me and smiling. I couldn't believe how lucky I am to have powers that I am about to know all about in just a couple of hours. I board the train and say goodbye to my crying mother with her black hair pinned back and her piercing green eyes wanting to keep me with her, safe.

I cried into my sleeve as I got onto the train and took my seat. I smeared mascara all over my eyes and tried to clean it off beore being seen. I sat beside these nice looking girls with brown hair and the same blue eyes. They were twins after I found out after talking to them and finding out their names (Sari & Karin Perkins). I talked to them animatedly as they talked about cute boys, classes, and the fun they have at Hogwarts. The train stopped after we had got some stuff from the cart and I started relaxing.

We grabbed our bags and headed on the platform and this huge man told a group of kids to follow him. I saw Draco and he motioned for me to come towards him but Pansy pulled his arm and turned him the other way. I dropped my stare and turned to my new friends and followed them up to the carriages and hopped in. The carriage moved and I was already impressed by magic to take this heavily and the wind blowed my hair as my thought wandered. I hopped off as the carriage stopped and we walked up to the big school, Hogwarts.

The school was really big when you got close and when you entered. I was pulled aside by Professor McGonagall and she gave me this ugly hat to put on. The hat covered my forehead for a minute and then began to talk, I was freaked out. I felt my mind wander to my parents thoughts about my house and Slytherin just seemed to be screaming in my head. Slytherin said the hat after contemplating, long and hard and my breath caught as I robotically took the hat off and gave it back to McGonagall like it was burning me. I turned and quickly walked out of there feeling so many emotions rushing through me.

My grimace suddenly changed as I was directed towards the Great Hall and found my friends waiting for me. They looped their arms with me on each side and we walked through the Hall but they suddenly let me go, and I felt like they had dropped me fifty feet up in the air. All eyes were on me as I tried to find my breath and find m seat. I saw Draco's head and walked fluidly over to the table and sat down by Sari & Karin who were in a conversation with Pansy. I noticed that I had sat instinctly by Draco's side and he now was gazing at my face with a soft expression. I heard lots of whispering and then a hush came over the Hall and I heard a wizard talking very sagely to his audience.

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