My World;; A Justin Bieber Love Story

Jenna Hamilton is a 15-going-on-16 year old girl, living in apartment 2B with her mom in thier building in Manhattan, New York. She's a perfectionist with a secret trust problem and a hidden love for animals, mainly because the only animal she sees where she's from is birds. Her best friend, Brianna, is the only friend she truly trusts, and she confides in her for everything, whether it's drama, excitement, love, or secret popstar boyfriends.

Chapter 2

Part 2

I sat in my room, replaying Justin's albums again and again, and trying to learn everything I possibley could about him. He likes girls with confidence and a good smile. Ok, I think I have that pretty much down. He hates to be asked his favorite color. Well, if the conversation gets to the point that we're asking each other our favorite colors, I'll know we're going nowhere, anyway. He's a normal teenage boy. He's a NORMAL teenage boy. Living, breathing, thinking... gorgeous, funny, talented.... teenage boy. He likes a unique girl that's not crawling all over him. Well, there goes my chance at this going anywhere. I was... extra-normal. I shut my laptop, and gazed into the eyes of the poster on my ceiling. In the next 24 hours, his real eyes would be within 2 feet of me. I grinned stupidly, staring at the ceiling, when my mom walked in. " Um, Briana's here." I jumped, "Oh, okay, I'll be right down." I changed into my pajama pants and went downstairs, where Briana was on my couch. When she saw me, she screamed. I flinched. She ran over to me and hugged me until I couldn't breathe. I restrained her against the wall, and waited until she calmed down to say, "Briana. Chill, he's a normal kid we're going to hang out with. Did you bring a bunch of slutty clothes?" She rolled her eyes, "Oh, please. I'm not stupid. I brought my longest pare of shorts. They go 1/3 of the way down my thighs." My mom inturrupted, "You don't get guys by turning them on," she took a sip of her wine, "you get them by outsmarting them and making them putty in your hands." Briana grinned, "Can you teach me?" My mom walked over to us, and put a hand on Bri's back, smiling sarcastically, "I could only try." She rushed over to the couch, waiting. I'd heard this lecture so many times, I knew the first thing she was going to say before she said it, "You have to stay one step ahead at all times, without making him feel completely stupid." Yeah, because that worked so great with her. I went up the stairs to find something to cover Briana's knees so Justin wouldn't feel like he hired some hookers or someting.
~The next morning~
"Jenna," Briana asked, playing with the recliner of her seat, "do you think Justin will actually think we're cute?" I knew he'd think Briana's beautiful. With her dark complection and long dark hair with grey-green eyes that make her teeth look pearly white. Her long eyelashes that left shadows on her cheekbones and curvy figure. She was perfect. "Well... I know he'll see how gorgeous you are." Briana looked over at me, a sad look on her face, "Aw, now Jenna, don't be that way! You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." I raised my eyebrows at her, "Have you never looked in the mirror?" She leaned over me, "Look! Oh my gosh! It's so pretty up here!" She was looking out of the window, as we asended into the sky, watching the streets and buildings turn into squares and dots. Then there were clouds. She pressed a button on the arm of her chair, and a compartment in the back of the passenger infront of us' chair fell open, revieling a small screen where Up was playing. "Hmm, whats playing?" she wondered aloud, pushing another button. "Grown Ups! You wanna watch?" It was a 6 hour flight, we had to do something or we'd go insane. "Sure." I pulled the headphones over my ears and tried to distract myself from the thoughts of Justin Bieber that controlled my mind.
~8 hours later~
We were picked up in a limo from the airport, and taken to a really nice hotel in L.A. My mom got her own suite, so when the concierge left, we jumped on the beds and screamed off the balcony. About an hour after we got into our rooms, a man knocked on our door. We giggled, "Who is it?" Briana asked loudly. "Scooter Braun! I'm looking for Jenna and Briana." Our eyes widened at each other, we calmed down, and opened the door, "Hi, I'm Briana," Briana stated confidently. I tried not to blush and quietly said, "Jenna." Scooter smiled at us, and handed us each a card, "Incase you aren't quite happy with what you brought to wear, here's some cards with a few bucks on 'em." Briana looked at it like it was pure gold. It may as well be. "How much is a few?" Scooter shrugged, "I dunno, 2,000?" Briana couldn't hold it in anymore, and screamed. Scooter didn't flinch. Obviously he was very used to it by now. "Well, a limo's here to drive you wherever you want, and he'll drive you back here around 3, you'll have an hour and a half to get dressed, and we'll pick you up with Justin. Sound good?" Briana was still grinning stupidly, "Sounds amazing!" Scooter clapped his hands together, "Fantastic, well, I'm gonna go, and here's my number," he handed us a small dollar flip cellphone, "if you need anything. Just hold down 2." Briana hugged him, and I had to pry her off, "Sorry about that, she's a hugger when she's excited." Scooter just chuckled, "Good to know." He walked to the elevator, and I waited until the door closed until I screamed. "Don't you just love me?" I asked, running a brush through my hair and fixing my mascara. "I do," she touched up her eyeliner, "will you marry me?" I smiled, "No." Bri shrugged, "Bummer. Love you anyway." I was already 3 our time, but here it was only 11. "Well, let's go!" Bri put a shoulder bag on and slid her card swiftly into her wallet, along with her room key, then shoved the dollar phone into the bottom of the purse along with afew packs of gum and mascara. I just grabbed my own cellphone and pulled my messenger bag over my head, sliding the money card into a side pocket. I made sure my camera was in my bag, then ran past Briana out the door, yelling "Race ya!" I slowed down in the lobby, but I was still dodging around people and tripping over myself, saying "Excuse me, sorry. Excuse me, sorry! Excuse me, sorry. Oh, excuse me!" over and over. I saw an old grey-haired man holding a sign infront of a long white limo that read "HAMILTON" in thick black letters. I went up to him, "I'm Hamilton!" I tried to catch my breathe while Briana caught up. "And I'm Hamilton's best friend!" He smiled at us, his wrinkles bunching together at his cheeks, "Very well then, hop in! Where would you like to go first?" Briana sighed, "A drink sounds nice. Got a Starbucks in this town?" The man smiled again, "Yes. I'm John Louis, by the way." Briana smiled, "Well, John Louis. Starbucks it is!" I smiled at him warmly, "Please." John Louis glanced at me from looking at Briana, "Very well. Call me John." Briana swung the door open and jumped in, saying, "Wow, it even SMELLS expensive!" I rolled my eyes, "Thanks, John," then climbed in beside Briana. TBC...

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