crystal heart a jacob black love story

crystal heart a jacob black love story

the pic is crystal

Chapter 1

dream or memory (pic is how it looked)

by: sexypooks
that night i had a dream or memory.
i saw me when i was five.this was the day i became an anonymous unknow.i was play with the snow when a voice came"hello crystal we have been waiting on u"just then unknows surounded me smilling at me making me feel welcomed"where am "i asked timidly i could only remember the cold dark alley bleeding slowly as a star fell in the distance then being guided here"ur home angel the home of snow yet it is warm and opening the home that fallen stars come to to begin a new life here with thier own where could never be hurt like u did love ur in heven u will be reborned if u like if u feel u can not rest because u left somthing behind"i could hear the pitty in the voice the angels came around me the wings wiped my tears."mom they realy killed her did they kill me too"i said tears were turn diffent colors and the angels smiled"u are a fallen angel i shall send u back to earth to be completed and happy just know u allways have a home the angels formed a circle a began to sing

u are an angel
perferby unknown
ur heart is broken
ur love is lost
u cry tears of words unspoken
and heart pays the cost
u died reborned and now is made new
remember to allways be true
u are an anonymous

"i will"i said "i am"
i woke up and looked around.breathing deeply i picked up my phone and called jake
~phone call~
jake:hey sunshine
me:are we going to swap secrects today are not
jake:yh i coming to pick u up
me: k...i u
jake:love yah too(i could hear he was rolling his eyes at me hestation)
~end of phone call~
i got dress and headed down stairs jake sat silently on the couch thinking i gess my eyes were multi colored from my mixed emotions a portion on the side blue a next green and so onwhen jake this his eyes grew wide"i have to know y ur eyes do that"he saidd he pludded me in his car and we were off.....

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