Hiya! This is the second time I've published this story. I'm publishing it again coz I want to give it a better name. The name Bloodlust was suggested by Animefan456789. I hope you like my story! Please rate and comment. Thanks!

Chapter 1

A curse

by: _Ripple_
Reyna could remember very little about her old life, her old life-before her heart had stopped beating. In her old life she had thought becoming a vampire was simple, once you were bitten the disease spread through your bloodstream and soon you became . . . one of them. She had learned the hard way that being a vampire was not a disease, it was a curse. She could still remember her death, if you could call it dying. She had been bound, on a stone table. There had been others there, some of them she knew, some of them were strangers to her, but all taken prisoners in a raid, and all destined for the same fate. She remembered vividly the screaming and begging for mercy. And Reyna had screamed and cried with them until she had been gagged by a man who's face she tried in vain to remember, it was just another of the many things that had escaped her memory. After that everything was blurry. The man had spoken words she neither understood nor remembered. Then he had cut her, across her shoulders, stomach and deep into her chest. the wounds still showed on her skin but she no longer felt them. She had felt the blood running out of her, then the noise had stopped, and everything else had stopped with it, even time itself seemed to slow, she had died.

A few hours later Reyna had woken in a dark forest. She had woken dazed and confused not knowing where she was or how she had got there. Eventually she had got up and stumbled around like a drunk until she found a small lake. Reyna was by the lake now, waiting for her mind to start working again. She lay under a tall Beech tree and let her mind wander. She thought about parts of her old life, the little bits and pieces that she could remember, her family, her friends, her house. The things that she had known best. Examining them as if they were part of another persons memory, from the outside. They were things she had been told, not things she had seen, people she had known. She thought of her boyfriend, she remembered the love, but did not feel it, it was the same with everyone else she had known. Slowly Reyna's mind began to clear, she stood up and strode over to the lake. The water was dark and still, almost like it was frozen, she thought. She saw reflected in the water the trees, the birds, but her own face was nowhere to be seen in the silent lake. She gave a sigh of disappointment, she wanted to see her face, to know what she looked like, but how could she without a reflection? She stepped back from the water and told herself not to be bothered by it. There were a lot of things she would need to get used to now. She would need to stay out of the sunlight, somehow she knew that. But she had a feeling she still had a lot to learn about herself and about what she was. All that she knew about vampires was the myths and legends told about them in her old town, and more than half of those were no more than stories. When she was human she had mostly seen them from a distance, and when she had finally seen them close up it had been dark, that had been during the raids. She still remembered the raids clearly. How could anyone forget them?

At sunset, people locked themselves in their homes and barricaded the doors and windows. But it was no use, at dawn the people woke from their troubled sleeps to the smell of smoke and fire. Every morning more houses had been burned down and, men, women and children taken. It had been a bleak time for the town, and it seemed as if it would never end. The vampires had no pity, no remorse, and no soul, at least, that was what they were told. The raids had already been going on for weeks when Reyna was caught. She had been in bed at the time, trying to sleep despite all of the noises and terrible smells. She hadn't been prepared when they had come, she had expected them to make noise. At least giving her time to escape. But they entered silently and she had to time to think when she heard her sister's screams from the next room. Her plan had been to escape through the window and meet Celia, her sister,as soon as they could on the beach, if they both survived. But already the plan was ruined. Reyna leapt to the door as she heard her sister scream "RUN REYNA", She flung open the door and paused for a moment to take in what she was seeing. Celia was bound by thick rope in the corner of the room, her head was down and she was groaning quietly. One vampire stood holding a knife to her throat, another was already starting towards her. Anger boiled up inside Reyna, suddenly she let out a yell and charged at the vampire advancing upon her. He easily side-stepped her foolish attack, then he grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the wall with one quick motion. Reyna's mind went numb, she found herself slumped against the wall next to her sister. She was faintly aware of a pain in her head. She heard herself saying, without intending to speak, "I'm sorry Celia". Then everything went black.

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