Stephanie's Favors

Stephanie's Favors

hey hey guys this is the first part to my Stephanies faovors story. thanx for being patient, and its finnaly here. please comment and tell me how you liked it and give me any ideas you have, ill be happy to hear them :)

Chapter 1


In the beggining, i belived in miracles. I belived that there really was this plan or something looking out for you and that it was all gonna work out right. Than, when the diagnosis happened, i started slipping from that happy fantisy. Things never go the way there planed, cause some things can never be planned for. Not every bird is ment to sing. After 7 year of this, sometimes its so easy to belive crazy alternate fates. that maybe if we hadent lived in Malfina, Michigan, none of this would have happened. that maybe it didnt have to be this way.That it would have been better off if we hadent ever met. That if I hadent loved to deeply,things wouldnt have to happened. But we dont get to make that choice.We may be able to speak or voices, but that dosent mean we have a say in the grand scheme of things. You dont get to draw sticks of flip a coin when it comes to life. everything just happeneds, whether they were supposed to or not. Were not supposed to decide our life. just live it. Because in reality, even if your a famous celebrity, or your surounded by others that care about you, maybe with thousands of other people, we really are still alone.


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