creatures of the night- a jacob black love story

creatures of the night- a jacob black love story

Ok so i stopped with this but am starting up again and please read cuz itll be gettin really good. I also have a jb story out 2.

Your name is jeydon and your sams little sis. Your 17 and you live with him and emily. You have black hair and tan skin and are a full quilluete.

comment and rate plz!! message me if you wanna be a character in the story

Chapter 1


It was June 25 2007. I was just a meer 12 year old girl on my way to soccer with my mom. Little did I know that reality happens when you least expect it....~present day (february 15 2010)~ "jeydon!!!! Get up!! Your gonna be late for school!!" Charlie yelled up the rickey stairs to my closed bedroom door. "mmmmmm" I moaned into my pillow barely loud enough for a mouse to hear. "don't make me get the bucket out!!" he reasoned. I sat bolt up and pulled of my fuzzy pajama pants, slipping on my skinny jeans as i heard him come up the stairs. I slipped a v-neck, navy blue short-sleeved shirt over my black tank top and threw my door open so he could see I was almost done. I ran my comb threw my knotty hair and put it up in a ponytail, brushing my forehead bangs down and smoothing my sleek black hair. "Almost done char-dad" I said as he neared the top of the the stairs. "Good," he said "Because your ride to school is here." as he said this I looked out the window to the sound of a car horn honking. I looked out to see an old fashioned car sitting in the driveway. I turned to look at my dad."Is that.....?" "Yes it is" he said answering my unfinished question as if he had read it straight from my mind. I grabbed my filled school bag and ran down the stairs, tripping on the last one slightly running into the wall. I made a sharp turn and opened the door rite as he raised his fist to knock. Before he could react, I threw my arms around him and hugged him with all my energy, not ever wanting to let go. "Jacob" I breathed into his chest. "I missed you" he said into my hair. He had grown since the last time I had seen him. It had been 5 years since the last time we had seen each other. You could never get us away from each other when we were kids. Always sleeping over and making forts and rough housing when Mrs. Black was trying to make us dinner. In 2005 he had gotten extremely sickand was whisked out of the state to a specilty hospital. Not even coming back when my mom was killed in the car accident. I had needed him so bad but he never came back, never called, It was like he had disappeared off the face of the earth. Now, my personal angel was here, in my arms, ready to make me happy. "umm im uhh sorry to uhh ruin your moment here, but you should probably get to school." charlie said, being the first to break the deafening silence from the living room doorway. "yes Mr smith" jacob said in a small polite voice, pulling me out the door. as we walked to the car i asked "can i drive?" "sure" he replyed, not even glancing in my direction. after drivingon the one main road in la push for a bit, i truned down a small familiar side road that we used to race down when we were little. "Were not going to school today are we?" he asked risking a glance at my face when he was my hands stiffin slightly around the black steering wheel. "nope" i said making a poping sound on the 'p'. he let out a long breath, puffing out his cheeks like he used. only then would he look me in a eye and make me laugh by going cross eyed. when we reached the end of the road i turned the ignition to shut of the car and sat for a minute before looking over at him, only to see he wasnt there. i turned to find him a saw him leading a way into the dark, gloomy forest. i undid my seatbelt and ran after him. when i caught up i had to take extra long strides to match his pace.We never talked and there was no noise. i started to feel cold as we drifted farther into the woods. Whe we reached a spot that seemed satisfactory for him, he turned around and put his arms around me. only then did i realize how warm he felt againts my skin. "im so sorry" he said in barely a whisper, pulling thru my hair with his fingertips, like i was his own child who had just awakened from a troubled sleep. "i cant believe i was gone for a year" he said releasing me from his grasp as my face contorted to confusion. "jacob, you were gone for 5 years" i said trying not to let tears spill over the rim of my eyes. "what are you talking about?" he asked. what had happened to this beautiful boy after he had gotten sick? what had happened to my jacob? "you left when i was twelve, to go to a specialty hospital and never called or wrote or anything. not even a letter of notice when my mom was killed" i said ending in just a murmur, and looking down at my feet. "wha-bu- no. it coulnt have been that long. its not possiblle!" he said getting angry with himsef, turing away and walkingfurther into the deep forest.

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