ok so i know it's been kinda long but i got sick and i am still sick actually but anyway here is part 6! also chapter 2 of the vampire diaries/twilight love story is out!.
RECAP: you kissed emmett AND edward at the same day after you kissed emmett you ran to the woods to set your mind and know who you really loved.

Chapter 1


i pushed emmett away from me and ran to the woods. after i ran for like 20 min. i knew i was far away and they wouldn't find me for at least another hour.i cried and cried and tears actually came out of my face.i was really puzzled at that fact because vampires are not able to cry with ACTUAL tears RIGHT? but i didn't care about that now. all i cared about was what i did. i kissed 2 guys and made them think i loved both of them withought them even knowing i kissed both of them! i am such a horrible person i don't deserve love i actually don't deserve anyone loving me.i felt-OUCH!!! someone knocked me down then whoever that person was pinned me to the tree.i could see the person's face now. it was none other than...................................................Bella.''i told you i would come back to kill you.'' she said.her voice was full of sourness.''what do i care if you kill me. you actually have the right too.i took edward away from you and now i am basicly taking emmett away from rosaline so might as well make them think you didn't kill me, and make them think i commited suicide.'' my voice grew smaller and smaller as i talked.''i like the way you think.'' she umpinned me from the tree.''do you have pencil and paper?'' i asked her.she reached inside her purse and took out a pencil and a sheet of purple elegant paper.''you write and i will tell you what to write.'' bella said.''start with dear cullens, i lear-'' she got cut of by a sandy brown colored werewolf that jumped on top of her and ripped her to shreds i was so scared.what if he wanted to kill me too? but like i said to bella i didn't care.that thought made me feel calmer.when the wolf was done with bella he looked at me and left. then insted of the world blabbermouth seth came in his place,but i have no idea what came over me and i ran to hug him he thought i was either going to kill him or something worse so he started running. well jogging. when i caught up to him he screamed and i giggled,then hugged him. he was startled but eventually hugged me. i looked at his eyes he looked at mine and that moment felt magical.''do you want to come with me?'' he asked. i nodded and we ran hand in hand.

i hope you liked it and it's not the finally. this part might have sucked so i am sorry.if you want me to stop this story just post it on the comments or send me a messege.
p.s if the story does conitinue the next chapter will be edward's point of view(edward's pov)
p.s.s the other part of my vampire diaries/twilight is up so plz read it and tell me what you think of it!


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