Whispers In The Dark.1.read intro please! girls only.(A Harry Potter Love Story)

This is a new HP story. Its probably kinda boring XP but anywho...

WARNING! I make my own things up and have only read the third book! So please be patient with me. So like I said, I make my own things up! I'm evil like that! lol

Chapter 1

Violet Eyes

It was strange how my parents were humans and I was a witch. So they agreed to send me to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Because I was constantly doing something weird when a strong emotion sat in.

I walked threw the train looking for a compartment to stay in until it stopped at Hogwarts but they all seemed full, until I ran up on one. I peeked inside. Two boys, a girl and a man was sitting inside. It was full so I continued walking. I walked down a few feet when, "wait!" Stopped me. I turned to see who was calling me. It was the boy from the other compartment that was full.
~Harry's POV~
Me, Ron and Hermione were talking when a girl past by. She stopped and looked inside but continued walking. "Do you think she was looking for somewhere to stay for the rest of the train ride?" Hermione asked. "I don't know. Sit here." I said and got up. I walked outside of the door and saw the girl walking down the thin hall of train. "Wait!" I called stopping her. She turned and looked at me. Her violet colored eyes caught my attention. For a moment I was speechless. She raised an eyebrow. "Did you find a compartment?" I asked. She looked in the door beside her. "Yeah. This one's empty." She said. "You mean, no one is in there?" I asked. "Um, yeah." She said. "You aren't scared of staying alone?" I asked. "Not really. Its a train full of people so I'm not really worried." She answered.
~Normal POV~
"You aren't scared of staying alone?" Harry asked. "Not really. Its a train full of people so I'm not really worried." I answered. He nodded. "But your welcomed to come sit with me if you like." I continued. "Ok. I'll go tell my friends. Do you need help with your stuff?" He asked. "No, thanks. I can get it." I smiled. "I'm Harry by the way." He smiled. "I'm Anya." I smiled back.
We sat there watching outside the window pass by. I remember reading something in the paper about Muggles so I decided to ask Harry. "What are Muggles?" I asked. "Their humans. People that aren't wizards or witches." He explained. "Oh. So my parents are Muggles?" I wondered. "If their humans, yes." He answered. "What's it like? The school. How do people act?" I asked. "Like Muggles I suppose. We just can do things with magic. We're not much different than Muggles." He answered. "Do we have to call them Muggles? Isn't that like calling an animal a beast? Do they deserve that name? Why can't we call them people?" I asked. He mouthed like he was searching for the right words to say. Before he could say anything, the train started slowing down and the lights were flickering. "What's going on? Why are we stopping? Are we there yet?" I asked. "We can't be! Its been too soon." He said. Then the train stopped and the lights went out. "Come with me." He said. "I can't! I can't see you!" I replied. "Hold out your hand." He said. I held my hand out and he found my hand and we started walking along the wall. He opened a door and we walked in. "Harry? Harry, what's going on?" A girl asked. "I don't know." Harry said. "There's something moving out there." A boy said. I seen him with his hand placed on the window. The window began to ice over and the air was cold. I backed against the window as the door slid open on the train compartment. I really didn't know how to describe the thing that was standing in the door. I searched for eyes to stare into but found nothing but darkness. I felt my breath slowly escape my lungs and I tried to breathe but couldn't. I felt like my knees were going to buckle underneath me. I braced myself the best I could.


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