An arranged marriage, with an Imprint. Great. THE ENTIRE STORY!!!

An arranged marriage, with an Imprint. Great. THE ENTIRE STORY!!!

hey guys.....I am going to put the entire story onto this things dont get confusing. so just let me know when you want the next chapter. Thanks.

Chapter 1


I stepped of of the plane excited to see everyone. My friends, my family, the whole works. Aw, man I think I am gonna cry.

"Alli!!!" I heard my friend Linda say while running towards me. I imediatly dropped my bags and opened up mu arms for a hug.

"Oh, my gosh Linnie." I said embracing her.

"I missed you so much girl. How have you been holding up?"

"OMG. Al.....I have SO much to tell you." I laughed as she helped me with my bags.

Within the eight weeks I have been gone, she broke up with her boyfriend Daniel, started dating my best friend James, cussed her mom out for not letting her date James (her mom can't stand him for some reason), got grounded for doing so, was REAL close to having sx with James behind her moms back, and finally, got a job at FudRuckers.

"Isn't that awesome Al?" she asked after she finished. I still had a happy look on my face from when she told me she got a jo at my favorite restraunt (can you say free vegi burgers or what)

"Oh yeah. That IS awesome Lin." I said.

We began to approach my parents.

"Hey mom, hey dad, I have so much to--" I stopped when I noticed their faces. They looked like they were hidine something as well as feeling sorry for me.

"Ummmmm, are you guys okay? You look like your--"

"Oh yes hon we're fine." My mom said in an instant.
My dad shook his head like he was coming out of a trance. Must be tired.

"Uh, yeah sweetheart." he said taking my bags from Lin.

"Go on ahead and get in the car." he said.

Before I could say another word Lin grabbed my arm and yanked me in the back seat of our mini van.

"So," she bagan. "tell me ALLL about New York and your theater camp."
That kept me distracted for a while. I told her about the different games we played, the warmups we did. We practiced plays like Romeo and Juliet and so on. By the time I finished we had already arrived home.
I walked in side my house holding all of the lighter bags in my hand.

"Uh, honey," my dad said heading for the stairs "When you are done getting settled I need you to come into the living room with Linda so that your mother and can speak with the both of you."

'Uh oh that can't be good' I thought.

I got upstairs by the time my dad left and Lin sat on my bed.

"So what do you think your parents are gonna say?" she asked me.

" I don't know." I said shrugging my shoulders.

.:2 hours later:.
I walked in the livin room with Lin at my side.
"Okay, what's up?" I said sitting on the love seat couch across from my parents.

They both looked at each other then at me.

'Oh, goodness.' I thought.

"Well, honey, you know that lovely young man down the street from us. The really tall one?"

I thought for a moment.

"Jake? Yeah."

She looked at my dad.

"Well, we have some news for you."

I sat up a little bit more. Wanting to know what he was gonna say. Jake is.......I don't know.......Jake.

He is a little weird though.

"You are in an arranged mariage. And Jake is you fiance."

I shuddered at the word fiance. I mean wouldn't you if you were only 16? A look of SHOCK came over me.

"OH MY GOSH!!! ALLI!! I am so happy for you!" I heard Lin say as I zoned out.

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