Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 30

Chapter 1

Chapter 30

by: ImBack_
----Brooke's POV---
We entered the loud theme park as roller coasters reaching up were filled with people screaming their heads off. "Christian and Brandy are suppose to be here!" Justin said looking around. he sighed and looked back over at me.
"Well till we find those about....." He trailed off as his eyes moved from mine to something else. I I followed his gaze to see a big roller coaster. It wasn't the biggest one here but it wasn't small. I looked back at Justin.
"The Viper?" I asked him. He smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
"Don't worry Shawty. I'll be there." He said pulling me closer to him. We approached the ride. the line wasn't long at all but as we were waiting we heard screaming. I sighed disappointed and crossed my arms. A group of 6 or 7 girls, were walking towards us. They all came around Justin as i waited at the side.
"Hello?" A voice asked. i turned around to see 3 boys and a few girls about, my age.
"Brooke Wicfield could we....have your autograph?" The boy asked. I was a bit surprised. He held out a small black book and pen.
"Sure." I smiled, and sighed his note book in a sloppy scripture. It was just a B with scribbles a W and more scribbles bu it looked very fancy.
I gave the boy a smile and sighed something for the others. Justin was talking to the girls, when the guy fans were still standing near me.
"I'm David." the tall boy said. I smiled.
"That's Gabe and Ronald." He said pointing to the guys next him. "I'm a fan of yours! I heard your song 'Unwritten' on the radio and i fell in love with it!" I giggled and blushed.
i leaned against the gate that was behind us and he stood beside me, talking.
He seemed like a nice guy. He placed his arm around me lightly. He was talking about, the something he saw in a movie. Justin was eying us. That's when David whispered in my ear. I backed away a bit, then saw Justin walking towards us.
David slowly took his arm off me.
"Brooke babe, when can go on the ride now."He was smiling but his eyes were on David. He was angry. I moved away from David to Justin and kissed him on the cheek.

"Stop being Jealous." I whispered in his ears, before giving him a quick peck on the lips and looked back at David.
"See you around David!" I smiled before taking Justin's hand as we walked to the seats.
As we came into the seats pulling down the belts. Justin looked pissed.
"Awww stop being jealous!" I said grabbing his hand.
"Whatever." he mumbled. I kissed his cheek ad smiled before the ride started to move.
My grip of justin's hand tighten as we continued to go progress up.
I looked to my side and almost cried.
"OH MY GOSH!" I said breathlessly. Justin gave me a small smile.
I sighed as the coaster began to go over the edge, showing what was a ahead. I felt the drop as screams poured into my ears.
Justin was screaming; "WHOO!" In joy.
I had my eyes closed the whole time.


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