Vampire Knight My Way/ A Zero Kiryu Love story

Vampire Knight My Way/ A Zero Kiryu Love story

this is vampire knight my way but it has a bit of zero love in it. i do not own vampire knight but i wish i did.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2:Cross Academy

by: Espada
Your P.O.V
I stood before two very large gates at 5 a.m. in the morning.'Cross Academy'i thought bitterly.I jumped over the gates with ease,and landed gracefully on the other side.I walked to what looked like the main building.While I was walking i came across a silver haired boy with lilac eyes,and a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes.'Guess i'm being expected.'i thought bitterly."Hi,you must be Amaya-chan,the new student am i correct?''asked the girl."Yes,that is correct."i told her."Welcome."she said."I'm Yuki Cross,a Gaurdian and a member of the Discipline Committee here at Cross Academy,the Headmaster's adoptive daughter.''she said all happy and bubbly.'How can someone be so happy protecting their kind.'i thought angrily."Humph."i heard the silver haired boy go."Oh,that big meany over there is Zero,he's also a gaurdian and a member of the Discipline Commitee."she told me."Can we go already?"asked Zero angryrily."Sure."said Yuki taking one of my bags."Follow us,we'll led you to the Chairman,he's been expecting you."Yuki told me and then started walking towards the Chairman's office just a few steps behind Zero,and me trailing behind them.

When we arrived at the Chairman's office he seemed happy to see me."Amaya-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!"he yelled happily.'Like father like daughter.'i thought bitterly."I'm glad you made it safe,her is your Day Class uniform,schedule,books,and Discipline Committe arm band."he said handing me my uniform and arm band.I heard Zero and Yuki gasp behind me."A-Are you sure?"asked Yuki."Of course i'm sure,Amaya-chan here happens to be the second best vampire hunter in the world,and don't worry Yuki she won't hunt the Night Class."he assured her."Okay then,that's good."she said."Zero i would like you to lead Amaya-chan here to her dormitory."the Chairman said to Zero."Why me?Can't Yuki take her?"he asked him in an angry tone.''No because Yuki has to inform the teachers of their new student."he told Zero in a cheery voice."Fine"he said angrily as he picked up the bag Yuki was carrying and told me to follow him,and i did.

The walk to my dormitory was akward and we didn't make eye contact the whole time.Not that it bothered me it was actually quite nice.While we were walking i noticed a tattoo on the left side of Zero's neck.I also noticed that i was only two inches smaller than he was."Her we are."he said opening a door that revealed a black room with a twin size bed,a closet,one drawer,one window,a single desk,and a door which i belive was a bayhroom.It was actually nice."Thanks."i said."Whatever."he said."You better be getting ready.Classes start in 2 hours."he told me."Whatever."i said to him."Hmph."he said and left.'Who does he think he is!!!!!!!!Telling me what ro do!!!!!!!'i yelled in my mind.I sighed,"Well."i said guess i should get ready."i said to myself.I unpacked and put every thing where i wanted it to be.After i was finished i realized i only had half-an-hour left till classses started so,i grabbed my black towel and headed to the bathroom.

When i was done taking 10min. shower i got dressed in my uniform and sneered."They call this short thing a skirt?"i asked myself.After i was done getting dressed i dried my hair and straightened it i put a black headband on so my long hair wouldn't fall on my face,i also put on my silver locket and a ring my mother gave me bofore she died and slid it in my left middle finger.Then i got my Discipline arm band and put it in my pocket,and i also grabbed my books and my schedule and headed out the door to my classes.I checked my watch and noticed i only had 5min.left till classes started so i started running to my first class.'What a great way to start my first day of school.'i thoght bitterly.

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