Vampire Knight My Way/ A Zero Kiryu Love story

Vampire Knight My Way/ A Zero Kiryu Love story

this is vampire knight my way but it has a bit of zero love in it. i do not own vampire knight but i wish i did.

Chapter 1

Character Info.

by: Espada
this is you.
name:Amaya (night rain) Kimura
hair color:dark brown, knee lengh
eye color:dark brown,very close to red
height:5 ft.6
race:pureblood vampire/ vampire hunter\
weapon(s):bloody rose(2) and sword called "Night Raiser"
family:mother-unknown, deceased
father:(i'll tell u later on in the story) deceased
brother: (ill tell u later on) alive
cousin: (later on) alive
aunt: (later on) deceased
uncle: (later on)deceased
characteristics:dark,mysterious,sexy,cute,rude,short tempered

discription: you are new to cross academy and have no real backround. you are a pureblood vampire but nobody knows. you are in the day class and are in the displinary committe with zero and yuki.a lot of day class guys hit on you and even some night class guys too. you are a 36DD. you never drink blood or blood tablets since you were 5. when you are mad you become pretty violent.

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