Life As A Sonic Character

Heres a good story

Chapter 5

Introducing People Is A Hard Task.

"You look different Charmy..." I said. "Oh, it must've been the gravity field or something. It'll wear down in time though." He answered. "Hey, where's Espio and Vector?" Hannah asked. "They didn't feel like coming, because they're A BUNCH OF BABIES! Oh, sorry, they thought you were meter-x disguising themselves." Charmy replied. "Wait," I started. "how are we gonna tell our parents about this Hannah? Your parents would never let you come over my house again, and scream and call the cops, and that's the same with my parents too. We can just try to then, but it's going to be hard." "Wait, have you forgotten that it's only one in the morning?" Hannah said. "We can have a fun sleepover with them, then tell her in the morning." "Good idea Hannah!" Tails said. In the morning, me and the 'gang' started to talk. "I can't belive I am an anime animal thing!" I said. But right after I said that, I turned human again! "AH! What the..." "I think it was because you said animal thing! AH! I said it! But nothing's happening? Maybe it was anime..." And right after Hannah said that, she turned human again, too!

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