Life As A Sonic Character

Heres a good story

Chapter 4

A Phone Call from...who?

"...Greg is my name! And I would like to talk to-" Charmy started. "Charmy we know it's you!" I said holding back giggles. "Oh...Hey lady!" Charmy said. I gave the phone to Sonic. "Hi Charmy. It's me, Sonic!" Sonic Said. "Yeah we got here! You can teleport!" Two seconds later Charmy popped out of the open onto my table. My eyes turned wide and I couldn't help, but be happy! I looked next to me at Hannah. She seemed like she was going to explode! Then she ran to Charmy. "Hi!" She squealed. "Hey!" Said Charmy. "Hi!" Everyone (including me) said while approaching Charmy. I looked at Charmy

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