Life As A Sonic Character

Heres a good story

Chapter 2

Meeting Sonic and his 'Crew'

"Stay calm! I'm sure we'll figure something out!" I said except I was kind of scared my self! I mean I was ORANGE! The I heard Hannah scream! "Are you okay?" I said. "Oh my gosh your a hedgehog!" Hannah said. I realized that Hannah was also a hedgehog and not brown, but...BLUE. "Oh my gosh your a hedgehog too and a blue one!" I yelled. Then we started freaking out! BOOM! we heard. Then we ran upstairs. Their we saw Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Blaze, Cream, Tikal, and Silver. "Oh my gosh! Your Sonic and everyone!" I said. "Yeah! Are you Mo and Hannah?" He asked. "Yes!" Hannah says immediately. Right after that we got introduced to Sonic and his Crew! I was so excited!

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