I Wish I Was A Black Veil Bride. 5. girls only please(Andy Six Love Story)

Chapter 1

Haunted House

"Here. Try it. You'll like it." He said holding the plastic fork up with ketchup covered fries. The thought of what cheese, chili and ketchup tasted like just didn't sound too good. I closed my eyes as I tried the fries. I opened one eye as I swallowed the fries. "That tastes better than what it looks like." I said. He chuckled. "Never judge something before you try it." He said. "Yeah. More people should go by that rule more often." I said. My past started trying to come back again. I shook my head a little. "Are you ok?" Andy asked nicely. "Yeah. I just um, thought about something." I lied. He looked at me as if to say I don't believe you but he didn't ag it on any further. "About your name. How did you get the name Checker?" Andy asked as we ate. "Long story." I said. "Hey, I've got time. We're still young." He said. "When I met Demon and Jewel and Axe, they laughed at me because I was always keeping things in check and going over everything and Jewel calls me a checker because I watch every little move I make and I'm just careful about things. That's what happens when idiots get bored and nearly drunk on Friday night." I explained with a smile. "How exactly did you come up with a name like Black Veil Brides? I mean there's more dudes then there is chicks." I said. "Well, I watched something on T.V. one day about Catholic churches and I was amazed at how when women became nuns they wore black gowns and veils. For some reason that just caught my attention so that's how we got our name." He explained. That was interesting. I nodded even though I was lost in thought. "Hey guys. The Ohio State Fair is this weekend. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Chris Hollywood asked looking at his phone. I looked at Andy and then we glanced around at everyone. "I kinda like talking to myself, ya know?" He joked. "Yes, Mr. Hollywood. I get what your saying. They have local singers every year. We can try and sign up together. There's a good chance they'll say yes." I explained. "I like the way you think." Andy smiled. "I like the way Chris surfs the web on the phone." I said. "What can I say, I'm a pro at surfing." He smiled. I picked up a hint of flirtation in his actions. "Then after we sing we can go and goof off together or something." Zach said. "That's a good idea. We make a pretty good team." I said. I felt someone tap me on my shoulder. I leaned back while I held on to the table. It was Jewel. She grinned. I could only imagine what was running threw her mind at this point. I could hear her repeating over and over again ''I told ya so, I told ya so'' over and over and over again. "What time should we meet?" Andy asked. "What time does the fair start, Hollywood?" I asked Chris Hollywood. I decided to call him Hollywood since there was enough Chris' in the group. "Hang on." He said typing on his phone looking. "Ah-ha! It starts at twelve Saturday." He said. "Ok. Does anyone know how we're supposed to sign-up to sing?" I asked. "The sign-ups are Friday at three." Hollywood answered. "Ok. We'll meet up at two-thirty. Does that sound ok?" I asked. "Yeah. Its ok. In the parking lot?" Andy asked. "Yeah." I answered.
~At The concert~
Me and my small group were standing in the crowd listening to Andy sing. "Standing alone in the soot and stone, he draws from his holster, a man. Crawling alone through the soot and stone, he makes his way home half to death. In time and in vain. I wash my hands of yesterday. If I should fall, if I should pass, in one last stand before the gates, before the gates of hell." He started in a near whisper. He started motioning for me to come up on the stage with his index finger and a smile. "Do it girl!" Jewl bellowed. There were some people making a flirting whistle. I smiled and climbed up on stage. I knew the song because I had been there when they wrote it. He held the mic up for me to sing. "Crawlin' alone in the soot and stone,
He makes his way home half to death. Standin' alone in the soot and stone, he draws from this holster, a man." I sang in the same whisper. "Yeah!" Andy screamed. "When sun sets dusk and streets are cleared, well this towns renegade is near. I'm standing tall, waiting host, what's it like to see a ghost? Both outlaws equal, yes indeed, one shot rhythm to the gunsling. So long my sweet (bye-bye)." He sang. He held out the mic for me to take. I took it and started singing. "Standin' alone through the soot and the stone, He draws from his holster, a man. Crawlin' alone through the soot and the stone, he makes his way home half to death." I sang. "Woo! That's my girl!" Jewl yelled loudly. I smiled and handed Andy the mic. "He clenched his fists and said a prayer, for every breath of dusty air. He fire's loud, awaiting a host, what's it like to be a ghost? Both outlaws equal, yes indeed, one shot rhythm to the gunsling, so long my sweet." He sang. He smiled and winked at me while he sang. "I hear those voices calling, "Take my life", I cannot take my life until... ," he screamed. "Standin' alone through the soot and the stone, he draws from his holster, a man. Crawlin' alone through the soot and the stone, he makes his way home half to death." I sang. Then we started singing together. "In time. In vain. Well I wash my hands of yesterday. If I should fall, if I should pass, it's worth one last stand before the gates of hell!" Everyone whistled and applauded. "Thank you and goodnight!" Andy said and we walked off the stage.
~After The Concert~
We were walking threw the fair grounds after we had sang. People were coming up to us wanting us to sing more. "Hey, there's a haunted house there. Why don't we go?" Jinxx asked. "Yeah. We can all go together." I said. "Ok. Come on." Andy said. He started walking. It was like we was his pack or something. Everyone had spread out behind Andy. It was weird. I was closest to Andy on his left side while Jinxx and Sammi followed behind me then Jake was on Andy's right side with Sandra, Hollywood, Axe, David and Jewel then in the middle was Zach, Chris Stewart, Chris Craven, Phil and Bobby. It was almost as if Andy and I were the leaders.
We walked in the haunted house. A man jumped out and grabbed me and naturally I screamed and grabbed Andy's arm. He laughed at me. Then a buzzer went off. This was going to scare the hell out of me because it was a huge haunted house.
We got halfway threw the haunted house when everyone got ripped apart. "Andy?!" I yelled out. It was dark. Someone grabbed my ankle and I screamed. "Checker!" I heard Jewel yelled out. "Jewel! Where are you?" I yelled back. My heart was pumping rapidly. She didn't answer. "Jewel!" I screamed beating against the metal wall. "Andy!! Someone answer me!" I screamed as loud as I could. I felt something tickle the back of my neck. I screamed again. Every horror movie I had ever watched ran threw my mind. What if this was some psycho plan to pick us off one by one? Someone ran into me and I screamed out. "Checker, calm down. Its me, Chris Hollywood." He said holding my forearms. "Oh my god! You don't realize how happy I am to see you. Where in the hell are we?" I asked. "I don't know. Somewhere in this damned haunted house." He answered. "Checker!" I heard Andy call. "Andy!! In here!" I said pounding against the wall. "Where's here?" He asked. "Hell if I know!" I answered. I could tell he was close. "Here. Hold my hand. I don't know if we'll get separated again." I said holding my hand out to Chris. "Is anyone with you?" Andy asked. "Yeah. Chris." I said. "Which Chris?" He asked. "Hollywood!" I said walking along the wall feeling for a door. I could only find endless metal and no door. "Have you found a door yet?" I yelled threw the wall at Andy. "No!" He said. I hit the wall and felt for a door. "Here's a door!" Chris said. He was ahead of me still holding my hand. "Where?" I asked. He was down on his knees. "You expect me to crawl threw that hole?!" I asked loudly. "I'll go threw first just stay right behind me." He said. "I'll go threw first." I replied. "Andy! Where are you at?" I yelled. "Right here." He said. He was standing right at the door. "There's a door down here but we're coming threw. Stay there!" I said.
"It would help if we had a light." I said as we walked down the hall. "We have our phone. We can use the back-light from them to see." Andy said.
After we found everyone again, we left the haunted house. "I hope that was part of the haunted house." Jewl said. "It was. A feature I'm not fond of but it was funny after we got out." I said as walked threw the fair grounds.


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