In One Year Everything Can Change

In One Year Everything Can Change

Chapter 1


by: MiSS_CRiS
Its been a few weeks since my parents past away in a car accident and I'm supposed to be in La Push by now. I've been driving for a over a week and at one point I had no intentions of going to stay with my cousin Emily. I knew I could make it on my own if I wanted to--I have all the money I need--but I also knew my cousin would freak. I just reached Washington a few hours ago and it'll be another few hours before I make it to La Push. By the time I made it to Forks I wanted to turn the truck around--but I just couldn't do it.

It's been years since I last seen Emily and as far as I know she's the only real family I have left--guess that's why my parents put it in their will that I'd stay with her if anything happened to them.

"Almost there." I said to myself as I passed the welcome to La Push sign

I sighed to myself wondering how I was going to find her house since I had no idea where it was. As I came around the last bend I saw a beach and decided that I'd stop there for a while before I went looking for her. I pulled into the small parking lot and hopped out of the truck--slowly making my way down to the shore. As I looked out at the waves I was glad that I'd have at least one thing to look forward to here--surfing.

"What are you doing?" I heard a guy ask breaking me away from my thoughts
Me: "What does it look like I'm doing?" I asked
"Contemplating life!" he stated
Me: "I guess I am." I said with a slight laugh
"What's you're name?" he asked
Me: "Ava, and I'm not your type." I said looking over at him

To say I was shocked would've been an understatement, this guy was huge--at least a foot taller then me.

Quil: "I'm Quil, and you're right you aren't my type, no offence." He said
Me: "None taken!" I said
Quil: "You aren't from around here, so who are you visiting." he said
Me: "I actually just moved here." I said
Quil: "" he said
Me: "I guess, maybe you can help me." I said
Quil: "With what?" he asked
Me: "Do you know where I can find Emily Young?" I asked
Quil: "Yeah, you take the last right and her house is at the end of the road." he said
Me: "Thanks!" I said
Quil: "No prob, so how do you know Emily?" he asked
Me: "She's my cousin, how do you know her?" I asked
Quil: "Well for one as you can tell this place isn't very big, and two she's engaged to a friend of mine." he said
Me: "Oh, well I better get going, see you around." I said
Quil: "See you!" he said

I walked back to my truck and made my way to Emilys house. When I pulled up to the little house it just screamed Emily with all the flowers every where. I got out not even bothering to grab what few bags I had and went to the door. I didn't even bother knocking since it was wide open and I could see Emily in the kitchen.

Me: "Hey Em!" I said standing in the door way, she jumped at my voice.
Emily: "AVA!" she screamed and ran to me--pulling me into a hug "You're finally here, I was expecting you a week ago." she said
Me: "Sorry, I got a little side tracked." I said
Emily: "Well, I'm glad you're here." she said as she relased me

I just smiled and nodded.

Emily: "So what have you been doing for over a week?" she asked walking back to the kitchen
Me: "Driving!" I said
Emily: "It doesn't take a week to drive from California." she said
Me: "Like I said, I got side tracked." I said
Emily: "Sure you did." she said
Me: "What's with all the food?" I asked watching her cook
Emily: "Oh, it's for Sam and his friends. They all come here to eat." she said
Me: "Oh.....Ok!" I said
"Hey Emily, is Sam back yet?" I heard someone ask--I turned to see Quil
Emily: "Not yet, he should be here soon." she replied "Ava, why don't you go put you things in your room, its the last door on the left." she said
Me: "Sure! Did the rest of my things get here?" I asked
Emily: "Yes, it's all in there." she said
Me: "Quil, wanna help me out?" I asked
Quil: "Sure!" he said
Emily: "You know Quil?" she asked confused
Me: "I just met him at the beach, how do you think I found you're house.” I said with a laugh
Emily: “Ok!” she said

Quil helped me with my bags and after placing them in my room he went back to the kitchen. After I finished unpacking I heard voices floating in from the kitchen, I wasn't in the mood for any meet and greets at the moment so I just lounged across my bed.

Emily: "Are you hungry, I made you some food." she said coming into my room
Me: "Thanks Em!" I said sitting up
Emily: "School is almost out for summer--just a few days left--but the principle asked for you to stop by for a day just to get the feel of it." she said
Me: "Kay! So I'm guessing that would be tomorrow." I stated
Emily: "Yes, well I'll let you eat and get some rest." she said
Me: "Thanks Em." I said as she walked out of the room

I ate silently on my bed while whoever was in the kitchen talked amongst them selves and by the time I finished the voices were gone. I grabed my dishes and took them to the kitched where Emily was cleaning up.

Me: "Sounded like you had a full house." I said
Emily: "Yeah, it was." she said
Me: "Is it always like that?" I asked
Emily: "Sometimes, its usually during breakfast or lunch--not so much dinner." she said
Me: "Hmmm, ok." I said placing my dishes in the sink
Emily: "You should get to bed you have a long day tomorrow." she said
Me: "Oh right! I get to hang out at the school for the day." I said unenthusiastically
Emily: "It's going to be fine, Quil goes there and so do some of his friends." she said
Me: "Great!" I said with a fake smile "I'm going to bed, night Em." I said walking back to my room
Emily: "Goodnight Ava!" she called after me

Once I got back to my room I laid on the bed and fell aleep instantly.

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