He's Hot & I'm Cold

He's Hot & I'm Cold

The official "book" of He's Hot & I'm Cold, I will let ya'll know when a new chapter comes out! (In beggining, guys name is Ty, but from chapter 6 and up it's Trey)

Chapter 1

A New Beggining....

You shiver as you walk to the cemetery to say goodbye to your parents, who died 2 years ago in a car accident, then you had to go live with your grandma, who just died of a heart attack. Tommorow you will have your home of Farmersburg in Iowa, and go to New York, were a family is waiting to adopt you. You are a only child, and your only 13. Youre alone. You look around, but it is hard to see because it is dark. You follow the path till you are at the far end of the graveyard. You sigh, knowing you will probably never see this place again. You keep going till you reach the willow tree, and under it are 2 graves, your parents. As soon as you reach them, you get on ur knees and tell your parents you had to leave, and might nvr come back. You start to cry. Then you get up and turn to leave, but you hear something. Slowly you head towards a bush, which is were you think the noise is coming from and you look into the bush and see 2 red eyes. Then a figure that looks human. but is too beautiful to be human jumps out of the bush and onto you. It bites your neck, its sharp teeth breaking your skin. You scream out in pain, then everything goes black.

You open your eyes, seeing the ceiling above you with vision so perfect you think your still dreaming. Then you jump up and are at the other side of the particularly large room with inhuman speed. You are freaked out, but yet curious, you think your dreaming. Then you hear an angelic voice (obviously male say " Ah, Saphire, your transformation is complete." "What transformation?! Where am I?! Who are you!?" " Well, young Saphire, you are in my home in the woods of Washington, and I am Erec, and I transformed you into a vampire." You stare at his beautiful pale face in shock and horror. "Why me?" you ask. "I have always wanted a mate, and you fit my perspective perfectly." For the next 6 months, you live with Erec. You noticed your now flawless face when you looked in a mirror. Erec told you everything about being a vampire, including things about werewolves. You and Erec were complete opposites. He drank human blood, but to you humans smelled like cow poo and you never killed 1. You chose animals instead. Because of this, your eyes turned gold instead of red. Erec told you there was a clan that did the same thing, the Cullens. He said they lived just out side of Forks, Washington. He loathed them because one of them fell in love with a human and had a child with her while she was still human, and the child was half vampire, half human. "Do you think we could go see them?" you asked him once. "Never!" he spatted back at you. "They live in peace right next to werewolves!" he added ( he hated werewolves). You decided right then and there that you would leave Erec and go see if you could find the Cullens, werewolves or no werewolves.

The next day, while Erec is out hunting, you find a map, figure out that Forks is about 300 miles away up north, and run. About half an hour later you reach some woods were all the trees were covered in moss. Then you smell a smell that smelt so good, you choose to follow it. As you turn a corner, you suddenly see a group of native americans, and 3 wolves. Werewolves. The amazing smell smells 10 times stronger. It had to have been them. You slowly take another step forward, and as you do they seem to have smelled you and the rest who arent wolves already transform and completely surround you all except for 1, who you noticed looked younger than the others, strong, and VERY hot. He is staring into your eyes and you stare into his. Then he says.......

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