~One Time~A Justin Bieber Love Story~Chap.5

This one may be a bit to long but i hope you enjoy it!!!!

Chapter 1


Once we sat down at the both we talked about when we where in school and how we would be the two to get into the most trouble. After we were done at Starbucks we walked home. As we entered the house Justin turned really pale for a moment. "Are you ok? i asked Yea, im just kinda tired that's all. I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 11:00. Wow it's late i said, Justin motioned that he wanted to go to bed so we went up stairs and went into my room. We both changed and i put in Toy Story 3. While we laid there Justin slipped his hand into mine. It felt amazing having his hand intertwined with mine.
I awoke when i heard a loud boom. A got up and followed the nosie all the down stairs to the living room. I saw Justin watching Clash Of The Titans.
Me:Justin that is wayyy to loud!!
J: No it's not
Me: Really?
J:Ok maybe it's a tad bit loud. I'll turn it down
Me:Thank you! oh and my mom said that my little sister is coming to day so get ready.
J:Shopia? I havent seen her since forever ago
Me: Yea she should be here around 5. So go get ready
J:Ok i will.........in about 30 mins.
Me: No you will now
J: Ok dont get snappy(http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=24862809 Justi's Outfit)
J: K now it's your turn!
Me: Ok (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=24862643 Alessa"s Outfit)
Me: We have have an hour before Shopia comes wanna go to the park
We walk out the door and down the street to the park were we first meet in like first grade. We both sat on the swings and just talked about things.
J:Alessa can i ask you something?
A: Sure what is it?
J: Will....You.....Be......My....Girlfriend?
A: Wow Justin
J: Is that a yes or a no?
Then i crushed my lips against his and it lasted for about 5mins.
J: So thats a yes?
A: YES!!!
Then my phone went off in my pocket and it was my mom.
Alessa:Hey Mom
M:Come home now your sisters almost here and i want you and Justin to be here when Shopia comes.
A:Ok mom we are on our way now
We walked home hand n hand. A we walked through the door my mom pulled both of us through the door and all the lights where off.
A:Mom why is it so dark?
M:We are going to surprise your sister.
A: Mom she knows we are all here, she knows that we know that shes comin so whats with the surprise?
M:Well to me its a surprise
A: Ok mom you think that
Then door knob started to turn and then Shopia walks in the door and only my mom screams, very loudly Surprise!
Shopia: Wow that was some surprise
A:I know right, Some surprise mom!
We hugged and then her and justin hugged
S:Alessa can i talk to you?
A: Yea wats up
S: Will I think I want to hook up with Justin
A: WHAT? i said very loudly
Justin, Mom, and Shopia: What's wrong
A: Shopia can i talk to you upstairs
S: Yea
We walk up the stairs
A:Why do you like Justin
S: I love everything about him, hes sooo adorable, sweet, and charming all in one boy
I started to get red with anger
A: Shopie i need to tell you something
S: What?
A:Me and Justin are....................................Comment!!!!!!!! Thanks 4 reading!! :)


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