Incovenient Truth (Geroge Weasley Love Story)

Incovenient Truth (Geroge Weasley Love Story)

Story of a Girl, who learns things she wished she never did, Mia, as muggles call her is 'different' she has two best friends, Fred and George. She's not in their house but they became best friends under weird moments of 'foolish behavior' as Snape called it. See as Annabeth Mia makes her way onto the long road of love, and a very Incovenient Truth makes it's way to the surface. Sometimes the truth is scary.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Worthless.

Inconvenient Truth: Worthless

(George Weasley Love Story)

Does have some abuse. Don't like then please don't read, it makes the character herself, you don't like then please don't read. Thank you! :)


I never thought I would ever be so hurt in my life. Never thought that someone could cause some much pain, all because of who my father was, how is that my fault? What do I do when someone I love just yelled at me for something I could never control and he blames me for the pain he has suffered? Did he ever think that maybe I suffered the same pain? That maybe he tortured me because of how I felt? Why can he hate me because of the thing I have for a father? Why can he hate me? I thought he said he loved me? I thought love concurred all? I knew I should never have trusted, like all the times I have in my past all it causes is pain. All it leaves is heartache, pain, and hurt. I should have realized that a long time ago. I should have never have trusted a Weasley. I should have hated him and his Twin. That is now dead. I hate you George Weasley. This is the reason I have lost all hope, he left me, hurt me, and broke my heart. I. Am. Alone. Why does karma hate me so much, I hate being a Black. I wished I never learned who my father was. I should have left well enough alone. Now I am alone. And no one will save me from that.


"Mia," Miss. Lee said looking right past me, "can you please make sure these kids are all right, dear." She sneered the 'dear', it's not that surprising, she hated me, that was a well proven fact.

"Yes, Miss. Lee, I would love to." I could sneer too. I let out my side that I tried to hide to people, the side that was dark, scary at times, but that didn't stop people from hurting me. I stood up form the chair that I occupied, I walked across the worn down, broken, floor board. If these floors could talk they would say something that would surprise the people that would stop to listen, if there were any, in this place.

This place, the orphanage, the place I hated the most, the people that hurt me, the people who think it's funny to watch a teenage girl cringe and moan out in pain. Think it's funny to watch her stare at the scares that they left on her frail, pale, almost translucent skin. To laugh as they pulled her long ebony hair, and to push her middle height frame down the stairs, to laugh as her glassy blue eyes filled with tears. They said she would never grow to be strong, they called her weak. They said she was stupid, they called her frail, she's strong, she's kind even after her pain, she's smart even after the slamming to her head, that she thought would damage her brain. That girl is me, Annabeth Mia, Mia to the muggles, I liked Mia fine, but Anna or Annie made me feel special sense the only ones that called me Annie was Fred and George Weasley. The only friends I had at Hogwarts are outside of my house, but the only friends I had Nevile Longbottom and Cedric Digary. None of which is in my year, I did have one other friend, Hannah Abbott, which is in my year. Other then that I had no other friends then that. No one in my house liked me all to well, I was different, I hate it.

I walked down the stairs to walk into no other then the one teen that still picked on me.

"Well if it isn't Mia, the weak," with that he pushed me down causing me to hit my head in the railing along the creaky stairs. "Mia," he bent down to my level to look in mine, his cold, hard, green eyes poured into my pale blue ones. "You should learn to be stronger. Lord knows you need to be." He looked at me with disgust. I couldn't blame him I wasn't worth the time or the stares the people gave me here, I was worthless, as many people here feel the need to tell me every moment.

"Thanks Tony, but I like the way I am and I don't need you or anyone else telling me that I need to change." I walked past him or tried only to be stopped and slammed against a wall, my hair flew in my face, my eyes showed the horror, but my face stayed in a calm collect manner. I showed no fear to an muggle. "Listen good, Mia," he sneered my name, "if I say, you should change, then you change, maybe you deserve a punishment. That's what I'll just do." Tony said dropping me to the basin of the stairs were I had manged to get down. He brought his foot up to my side and kicked as hard as a sixteen year old male can hit, which is hard. He then brought his fist to meet my face, right along with the small scar that was located, along my check going in a horizontal manner along the check and dipping to my neck then down my left shoulder, and then down where it gets wider and deeper, then the facial scar, the one on my check was not that noticeable, but the one on my neck didn't avoid the constant stares of the newly made parents of the the newly adopted children. I was not sure how my friends would react to the scares on my face, neck, shoulder, and torso. They hopefully would not see the ones on my torso and shoulder. The twins, knowing them, would say something. I was brought out of think of the twins when Tony pulled my hair, bringing me to his eye level.

"Mia you are worthless." He then slammed me into the wall as head as he could. My body slid of the wall and fell to the floor with a dull thump. I could feel the blood come form the wound that Tony had caused. I really did feel worthless, as he most have attended from the way he threw me about. I felt like nothing, worthless, pain stricken, and cold. Not only physical, but in the way that I would never feel love, or any other affection from a man, other then a friend, they would only feel hate or disgust towards me. I was showed what it would be like to love, and at that moment, I realized I would never let myself fall in love with anyone. I don't want to be hurt as these people have hurt me. I will not fall in love with anyone, unless they are someone who tries to earn my trust, my love. Not show me, the worthless, sympathy, just love, caring, and not ever hurt me, they would have to prove. I was not giving in to the likes of some one like Draco Malfoy, who would put me down as I have watched with the girl know as Pansy, she maybe clingy but tell her don't treat her like she's worthless. No one is unless you are me.

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