Kingdom Hearts

Comment asking to write the next chapter if you wanna.

Chapter 1

The Strange letter

Our story begins on destiny islands. Three best friends, Sora, Riku, and Kairi are sitting at the Paoupou tree for a daily Hang- out session. Little do they know, a dangerous task lies ahead of them."Hey, have you guys ever wondered...if there are other worlds?" Riku asked. "No, not really, until now." Replied Sora. "Guys...." Muttered Kairi. She held a little bottle in her hands, and she looked very sad. "Yeah?" Sora asked. "Read this..." Kairi said. Up close, Sora realised that the little bottle had a letter in it. Sora took the letter, and started to read it. His eyes widened." Oh my god." He whispered, exasperated. "What?" asked Riku. Sora handed the letter to Riku. Riku read it. His expression twisted to a mixture of shock and anger. The letter said.....


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