Dreams in the air

when you have those dreams when your a child and you think its gonna come true......

Chapter 1


Kids dream of days when ponies ride in lush green paddocks and they grow up to ballerinas or fireman.
But those dreams are just dreams.
nothing making a meaning or an understandment
they dream of the houses they are going to live in
big houses with heaps of treasures and children of their own
reaching their dreams is the hardest part for them

we live in this world where we think these things are going to one day become true
we live with that hope but can we truely think of what we are going to do when we get that dream
are we going to live that magical live or are we going to create another one of those mistical dreams
where everything turns out alright and nothing bad happens.......

We create these dreams to comfort of minds
we dream of the things we cannot have
the dreams of treasures and beautiful things....

Children believe that they will get what they want when they are older
they think they can rule the world without a problem
like they dream of one day becoming president of their country

we think that children can make up these dreams for sooner or later they will understand why they can not ave these dreams

they become crushed under the rock of truth
with the pain of crushed dreams they take to the corner
hiding away so these dreams dont ever happen or be thought of again

so children dream of these dreams
of one day becoming firemen or ballerinas
but when you think of it they never come true.........

they get tossed into the air
never to return


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