Stupid Vampire,But I Love Her-A Zero Kiryu Love Story

Stupid Vampire,But I Love Her-A Zero Kiryu Love Story

what if kain akatsuki had a twin sister? what if she also went to cross academy?what if she fell in love? well im here to answer my own question,with a story.enjoy:)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3:An Explaination Is Required part.1

by: Espada
Your P.O.V.
When i woke up i saw a lot of people around me but,i knew all of them:Kain,Aido,the Chairman,Yuki,Zero,Kaname,Ichijo,Shiki,Rima,and Ruka."What happened?"i asked."Your Dark Side took over."Kain told me.'Uh-oh'i thought."Luckly Yuki hit you hard enought to knock you out hor a good 2 hours."Aido explained.'Oh thank god.'i thought relived.I tried to sit up only to find out i was chained up."Is this really necessary?"i asked Kain."Yes it is because,you almost killed Aido and the Chairman,practicly scared everyone in the room for life,your Dark Side took over you again,and you almost killed my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!"he said but yelled that last part about his 'boys'."Please Kain,you have nothing there."i told him smirking the whole time."Heh-heh-heh"i heard Aido and Ichijo snicker."NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Kain yelled at them."Ok,Dark Side is gone,ypu can let me go now."i told them."Well it seems Dark Side is gone."Kaname said."Ichijo release her."he told Ichijo.Ichijo nooded and unchained me.I stood up and told Kaname"Thank you."I looked at the Chairman and saw he was practixly hiding behind Zero."I'm so sorry Chairman,my Dark Side took over the worts of me."i told him apoligizing."Apology accepted."he told me."I'm sorry be who or what is Dark Side?"asked Yuki."Well."said Aido a bit unsure."It's alright Aido."i told him."Do you all want to know what Dark Side is?"Kain asked everyone who didn't know,and everyone nooded."Well you all might want to sit down."Kaname told everyone."Dark Side is a long story."he said.''A long story,yes.But also a tragic and sad story."i said sadly,and sat down next to Kain.

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