Stupid Vampire,But I Love Her-A Zero Kiryu Love Story

Stupid Vampire,But I Love Her-A Zero Kiryu Love Story

what if kain akatsuki had a twin sister? what if she also went to cross academy?what if she fell in love? well im here to answer my own question,with a story.enjoy:)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:Character Info.

by: Espada
This is you.
Name:Ayame(iris flower)Kain
Family-Twin Brother:Akatsuki Kain(alive)
Cousins:Hanabusa Aido(alive),Tsukiko Aido(alive)
Occupation:Student(Night Class)
Race:Vampire Aristocat,Level B
Powers:Produce and control fire,Produce and control Darkness,Control Nature
Hair:Red-Orange,Knee Lengh
Crush/Boyfriend:Zero Kiryu
Favorite Colors:Red,Silver,Black,Orange,and Blue
Characteristics:Rude,Mean,Crazy,Wild,Kind,Caring,Friendly,Sexy,Agressive, Playfull,Friendly,Trill-Seeker,Short-Tempered,Tomboyish
Likes:The Night Class,Zero,Yuki,Having fun.Pulling pranks,Gettin in trouble,Hanging out,Amusment Parks,Blood,Pocky
Dislikes:Fangirls,Shopping,Girli girls,Skirts,Daises,Dresses,Blood Tablets,Pink things

Discription:Ayame is Kain's twin sister but is 5 seconds younger than he is.She and Kain are very much alike,but they sometimes have fights. Aido likes her a lot.They both really don't like blood tablets,they prefer the real thing,their also both afraid when the Bloody Rose is shoot near or at them,they love hanging out together,and pulling pranks.Ayame went to Cross Academy because her family wanted her to get an education but she mainly went because she missed her brother and cousin.When she met Zero she really didn't really like him but after the began to get closer,this is Ayame Kain's story.

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