I want you to want me(a Tyler Lockwood &Damon Salvatore love story)

um okay this is a new stry i was thinking on makeing thanxs to a friend of mine who kinda helped me becuz i luv the name luna which is spanish for moon so yeah

enjoy :]

Chapter 1

Whats happening to me?

Im seeing a gray wolf staring at its reflection. I'm thinking its a girl and she seems really familiar. She looked straight ahead hearing a sound of a rabbit.I think? It ran really fast until it found the rabbit and stopped to stare. "Happy birthday." The rabbit said. The wolf looked up and then it became night and then the moon was a full moon. The wolf fell asleep and when it woke up it was now a human instead of a wolf

I woke up starring at the ceiling. I heard doors open then close then I heard my dog digging in dirt in the backyard i got up from bed to my window that had a view to my backyard the window was closed and i saw my dog d.j digging in the dirt. "Ugh that's weird." I said starring down at my feet. I went to my mirror and saw that my hazel eyes were turning a bit black. "Whats wrong with me." I asked myself. "Mostly everything." I heard my younger brother Matt say threw the little crack in my door. "SHUT UP!" I yelled. I ran chasing him down the stairs after changing into my clothes(http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=31123771)

Once i caught up to him. He ran to my mom "Sorry!!!!!!!" He yelled. I walked up to him and pinched his cheeks until it turned red. "Your so cute!" i told him grabbing a bagel and walking out the door." Luna don't forget to pick your brother up after school and take him to the dentist." My mom said. "Sure."

I walked out the door walking to my gray mustang. I almost reached the car when someones hands covered my eyes. "Happy birthday luna! Guess who it is." he said i think i already knew but i want to play around a bit. "Taylor lautner!?" He laughed. "Even better." I put my hands on my hips. "I don't know?" I said.

"Keep your eyes close maybe this would help." Lips were placed on mine. "Whoever you are you kiss really good." i said laughing. "Tyler!!!" I finally said hugging him.

We got into my car. I started it and we were finally going to school. My head started to hurt from hearing this loud sound. "Tyler can you hear that?"I asked. "Yeah it really hurts but not that much." he said. My eyes started to close." "Babe? Babe wake up the sound it stopped but it was too late.

We heard car noises and our car crashed.

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