Belle in Wonderland

This is my take on Alice in Wonderland.
Ok! XD I know it's kinda concited of me to be using my name for almost all of my stories, but I'm really narrow minded so XD I promise from now on you're never going to here my name in a story ever again!!! Oh, and just to let you know this story does have an end, unlike a lot of ongoing stories it does have an ending like a real book XD so yeah enjoy while it lasts! Iol

imagine all the people in this story have english accents ;D

Chapter 1

clumsy, clumsy Belle

The sky was blue and the clouds floating above us so perfectly. Belle laid down on the grass, her wavy brown hair spread out around her, and her blue fitted dress frilled on the ground in such a graceful way. "Belle, this seems almost perfect doesn't it?" a tall, skinny teenage boy with brown hair and hazel brown eyes said sitting up. Belle remained relaxed and kept down, her eyes were closed, but they opened when she replied.
"What do you mean, Ben?"
"Well, it seems just like when we were younger. We use to sit here all day long just relaxing and calling out the shapes of clouds." Belle smiled at the memory.
"Do you remember when you had that strange notion that you were stuck in your room, and I would come visit you every day?"
"Haha, yes that does come to mind."
"Belle...there's something I've been meaning to..." Ben was interrupted by Belle's excitement
"Oh! Ben!!! That cloud looks just like a rabbit!!"
Ben didn't think much of it first, but to his surprise when he looked it had the exact image of a rabbit.
"Wow." Ben whispered to himself.
"I don't believe it..."
Ben went back to what he was saying before
"Belle, you know I'm leaving England for Maine tomorrow..."
"Yes..." Belle was upset by that subject,
"Well, I wanted to give you something before I left. You know, to remember our friendship by, in fact, I'll go home and get it now. Wait here!" Ben said as he ran off. So Belle waited, still sitting on the grass, she took a deep breath in of the fresh air. She was sitting herself up with the help of her arms when she plopped herself down on the grass. When she opened her eyes a figure ran above her
"Ben? Your back already?" she said getting up, but she didn't see Ben anywhere. Curios she walk around the premisis "Ben, I'm not playing hide and seek with you. Ben if your trying to scare me...." but as Belle walked along the grass she lost her footing and fell down a deep hole. She screamed as she reached up for the sky above her. She landed on a soft ground on her back, in a dark cavity in the ground, roots cralled out of the walls and sticks clung to the dirt. She picked herself up and pushed back her dark brown hair. She was bending over when she got up because of the small space, but she was startled to here someone say "Hello", she hit her head on the dirt celling trying to turn to where ever the sound may have come from. "Ouch!" she said rubbing her head, her voice echoed in the hallow ground. She kept hearing the conversation of two people from somewhere, but her eyes were blinded by a small, yes, a small bit of light. She made her way threw the hole and out the little door. everything was just white blindness at first, but when it cleared she could see a beautiful mansion. Two figures stood before her
"Um....excuse me?" she asked, the image was clear and she could see the two people, were they even people? Well, people or not, they were surprised to see her. "You're from the upper world!" A boy her age said. He was about 18 or 17, and he had rabbits ears! and a rabbit tail! The other boy, the same age, just stood there with a blank look on his face. The first one had white hair, to match his ears I supose, and red eyes, though oddly in a different light they appeard green! The one who remained stunned wore a green hat, with a card wedged in between the black ribbing, his hair was blond and he had sparkling blue eyes. I might add that he wore an intricitly designed suit, and was rather tall and handsome. He held a cup of tea in his hands in a profound way, but the surprised look in his eyes, and the fact that his jaw was dropped ruined the effect. In a flash the look somewhat vanished, and then he casually said "Well, I suppose this calls for more tea, doesn't it, Azkabond?" I'm supposing that Azkabond was the rabbit eared one's name, for the other looked at him in such a blamingly way it was hard to suppose otherwise. Azkabond smiled and blushed as he rubbed one of his long white ears with both hands.
"Where am I?"
The one with the hat looked at Belle,
"Why, you're in Wonderland Miss, the greatest land of all of the underground."
"and you are?..."
"Oh, I seem to have forgoten to introduce myself," he laughed "I'm Fronz Henswire at your service, but some people perfer to call me the 'Hatter'. And this is my friend, Azkabond Reef."
They both were gentlemen, for as Fronz said this, he bowed before Belle with one arm behind his back, taking off his hat at the same time. He gestured to Azkabond when he introduced him. They both were very charming young men, standing in a very charming room. It was very rich looking, and yet, it also had an odd way about it.
"Now, might I ask your name Madam?"
"I'm Belle."
"Belle," he smiled "What a charming name for a charming young lady."
"How did I get here?"
Azkabond answered
"Why threw the 'hole' of course!" he smiled
"Well then, I must get out the way I came."
Fronz interupted
"I'm afraid you can't do that."
"May I ask why?"
"I'm afraid even if it was the will of the king himself you could not leave, not yet anyway. The hole is magic, you see? It only opens once every month."
"What?!" Belle yelled
"Please don't be angry with me, it's all my fault. It was I you followed."
Azkabond walked up and said to her, then Belle answered,
"No, no I'm not angry at you. Please forgive me, you've all been so kind to me and I had such an outburts"
Fronz took a sip of his tea
"You have reason to be, after all you are stuck here for a month," he took another sip and went into thought, "Now what ever shall we do with you?"
"Do with me?!" Belle yelled out in surprise "You're not going to kill me are you?!"
The Hatter started to laugh, still holding his tea even though he struggled to even stand up straight, and Azkabond walked infront of him "No! No! Forgive him he's just mad."
"Mad?! Who are you calling mad?!" Fronz yelled out in the background as Azkabond kept going "What he meant to say was where shall you stay?"
"Oh, well, I suppose that is a problem, isn't it?" Belle said.
"Well she could stay at my house."
Fronz said, but Belle ultimately refused
"I'm sorry but I can't, who knows what you might do to me."
"Why Miss Belle! You're not accusing me of being a pervert, are you?" Fronz smirked
"No! No! No! I didn't say that!"
"But of course I would stay with Azkabond while you stay at my abode."
"Really? You would do that for me?"
Azkabond smiled, but before he could answer Fronz interupted
"Of course! After all, it is Azkabons fault that your in this mess."
Azkabond's eye twiched,
"I'm so sorry for all this mix up"
"Oh please! Don't be! after all this isn't the first time this has happened." Fronze once again glared a Azkabond
"Oh, well thank you." Belle smiled.
"Oh my, it's getting rather late isn't it? Well, as planned I shall stay here, and you may stay at my home. Oh! During your stay, please feel free to look around Wonderland."
Then Azkabond finished Fronz sentence
"And drop in anytime."
"Thank you." Belle said as she walked out.

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