Love me Wicked

so this is a story i have been working on for a while i'm gonna try to at least post every other day. :) i hope you like it i have been working really hard on it!

Oh and please comment i like feedback!

Chapter 1

The Day everything Changed....

If only this day could get any worse, I thought silently to myself. Chevy, the most obnoxious girl in the 11th grade was giving an oral report on the Aztecs when i felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I looked up, my teacher Mrs. Wayne was standing over me. Bending down she said in a hushed whisper " Rilynn your mother is in the office, pack your things to go home. " Ok, thank you." Wondering why my mother had come to pick me up and unintentionally saved me from hearing the rest of the grueling speech I stepped out of the classroom and headed out the door, as soon as i did i ran straight into my best-friend Braeden.
" Oh sorry Ry, i didn't see you there." "That's okay Brae, why are you headed this way?" "Teacher told me my dad was here to get me." Really how odd my mom is here to get me."" Whoa coincidences." "Yeah, so why do you think they are here at the exact same time to pick us up?" I asked him. "Hmmm I wonder, he said to me as we walked into the front office.
There they both stood my mother on the left, Braeden"s father on the right. Now let me tell you about my mother. She is "attractive" to the male eye, pouty lips, long wavy black hair, deep green eyes and light olive skin. But let her looks fool you she is a fire-cracker set her off and you'll know it. Sadly I mostly inherited my looks for my father, deep chestnut hair, pale skin, and sadly average stature. The only thing I got from my mother are her beautiful green eyes and fiery disposition.
Now lets get to Braeden's father, Marron. Marron is a statutorily with short white-blond hair and mysterious silver-gray eyes. Braeden looks slightly different but just as startling with his golden hair and sapphire eyes along with a personality to match.
It had been a matter of seconds from when we had entered the room when my mother broke the silence with her tears. "It's your step-father" she croaked. "He's in the hospital, he had a massive heart attack." Knees turning to jelly Braeden caught me just as i was about to hit the floor. My mother continued on but all I heard was the blood rushing through my ears. This couldn't be happening again. My biological father had died from a heart attack when i was five.
Gathering myself I stood, still clinging to Braeden I asked, " will he make it?" "His chances aren't looking that great sweety." my mother whispered, anguish in her voice. "Dad why are you here?" Braeden said to his father. "I am taking you and Rylinn home while Kara goes to the hospital to stay with Nolan." "No I want to go see him1" I exclaimed, tears running down my face all composure lost. "Rylinn sweety I don't want you to see him like this." " If he makes any changes at all, good or bad, I promise i will call you." "Alright, fine." I agreed reluctantly. "Come on Ry, lets get you home." said Braeden lifting me gently from my feet. Gripping him tightly, he walked out of the school and into the cold.
The ride back to Marron and Braeden's house was mostly silent. Braeden whispering soothing sounds in my ears keeping me almost centered as quiet tears rolled down my cheeks. As we pulled into the drive way Marron said " Rylinn, you know where everything is, so just make yourself at home." "Thank you Mr. James." "How many times do I have to tell you Rylinn, please call me Marron." "You are Braeden's dearest friend you know." Braeden blushed slightly at this. With a slight smile forming on my lips I said "Yes I know hes mine too, and thank you Marron." "Come on Ry, lets go inside." Braeden said pulling me out of the car, with something different in his voice..... TBC


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