Twilight: Nessie and Jacob

What happens when Nessie's older and Jacob wants to be with her? Will her parents disagree? What will happen with the Volturi?! Will she end up with Jacob? Or another? Help decide!!!

Chapter 2


Jacob opened the door. He wore a red t-shirt over some swimming trunks, and brown flipflops on his feet. He grinned.

"Hey, Nessie! We ready to go?"

Nessie tugged his arm and nodded. "It's bonfire time!" Jacob laughed. "Slow down! We still need to get Seth!"

Nessie stopped skipping. "Oh yeah..." Jacob smiled and shook his head. "Come on, then!" he said, starting off down the street. "Slow down!" Nessie called, running after him. "Werewolves," she muttered jokingly, loud enough for him to hear. "What," he teased. "Werewolf too fast for you?"

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