Twilight: Nessie and Jacob

What happens when Nessie's older and Jacob wants to be with her? Will her parents disagree? What will happen with the Volturi?! Will she end up with Jacob? Or another? Help decide!!!

Chapter 1

A New Beginning

by: Scorn
Nessie sat at the beach, tracing images into the sand. Finally, she was a teenager. At her 'prime'. Everything was weird in her life. Werewolves, vampires, and her, the halfing. The next thing you knew there would be witches or mermaids. Although mermaids would be kinda cool...
Her mind floated around, as she glanced out at the water at La Push. She hung out with Jacob a lot, but she also hung out with her family too. Everyone tried to teach her about what she was, or what she was supposed to be. But no one knew. No one truly knew. Only the other halflings would, but sometimes, she felt different. Like someone no one would understand.
Standing up, Nessie stretched, yawning slightly. Today was going to be one long day.
She skipped up towards The Black resident, where Jacob and Billy lived. Jacob was sweet to her, all the time. Sometimes Alice or Rosalie or any other girl she knew, that wasn`t her mother, bothered her about Jacob. But to her, Jacob was her best friend. The one she could trust with her secrets, the guy that she would paint her nails with or go to the movies to watch a chick flick with. He was her best friend, forever and always.
Nessie knocked on the door, a large smile on her face. Today, there was going to be a big bonefire. Big, meaning, her, Jacob, and Seth. The three amigos. The three muskateers. The two werewolves and the halfling. It would be fun. Very fun.

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