My Heart Is Yours Forever But My Soul.....I Will Keep (A Jasper Love Story)Chapter2

Now I'm going to bring in some new Characters. If you want to be one of them message me, comment, or send a FR. I'm only bringing in 3-9 people. The first 3 comments get too be in this story PERIOD. Plus if you don't give me a good reason to put you in the story then you won't be in it.

Chapter 1

Our Love Is Young, But I Might Die Because Of It

"What about Alice?" I asked Jasper. He knew that she was heartbroken. His eyes hardened. "I will NEVER let her hurt you again." I chuckled. "Do you honestly think that she wouldn't kill me even though I broke you to up?" I questioned. "Your not the reason." He paused "I just don't love her anymore." At that moment I was silent. Jasper has known and been inlove with Alice for decades, but when I come along everyhting changes. "She must have seen this comming." I muttered to myself. Then Carlisle came in. "Delila, looks like you can go. Jasper may I have a word with you?" "I'll be right back." Jasper whispered in my ear. I smiled. Then he walked out. I could tell that Jasper was upset. He sighed as I heard words like Vulturi, Alice, and Family. When Jasper came back, he had a pained look on his face. "We have to go." He said "Rose already has your stuff and told Charlie that your going on vacation with us." "But why do I have to go?" I asked. Jasper was really starting to scare me. "Alice went to the Vulturi and told them about you. They could be comming at any second." "Get me out of here!" I screamed. The Vultur! Comming here?! Why?!?! I can't believe alice would do this to me, to us, to her own family. Jasper picked me up. "Calm down." Then a wave of calmness took over me. "Thanks." I breathed. Nano-second later we were already in the car. I said my goodbyes to my new family. I knew that one day I would have to run away. I never thought that day would come so fast. "Rose go look on Jaspers bed I left something there tha I want all of you to see."When Rose came back she had a paper in her hand. "Here." she said starring at me. Everybody starred at me. I started to read.

"You treat me
Like I'm apart of you
Throught the years
I have never been
So blessed
To have a family
As carring as you
I love you all
With all my heart
Till death do us part"


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