My Life As A Blank Canvas(An Edward Cullen Love Story)

Name:Elizabeth(Lizzie) Matthews
Age: 17
Grade: junior
Lives In: Forks, Washington
Parents and Siblings: Sister Mallory(12) twin brother nick who went missing and was finally declared dead 5 years ago Mom Anna Dad:devoriced and living in Ireland Mom goes by her madin name, Ms. Stevens
New Girl to Forks High School
Skin Tone: White as snow
Hair color: Dark dark brown, sometimes mistaken for black
green eyes
tall and slender
straight thick hair

Chapter 1

Part 1

"Lizzie, hun, Nick is dead." Mom sputtered.Tears leaked and I shook.
End Of Dream
I shoot up straight at the sound of my alarm clock. 5:30, first day of school, second week in Forks. I was 12 when Nick was declared dead, and Dad and Mom were devoriced when I was 15. I reflected over these things, missing California even more. I showered then I dressed in a purple Hollister tee and black skinny jeans with black air walk sneakers with a purple design. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I grabbed my sweatshirt and walked downstairs. "Morning." I said to Mom. "Hey, Mal," I said to Mallory, who was slipping into a sleep. I slammed my hand down on the island, waking her up. She blinked. "Hun, aren't you gonna eat?" Mom asked as I Iooked at the clock. 6:51. "No thanks. Love ya!" I blew a kiss and went out the door. I hopped into my Mercades and drove to school. I wish that Uncle Chris lived in California, not Forks. We moved into the house next door to him, but I love my uncle Chris and my cousin, Drew, who was so close to me! But he goes to some private school. I pulled into the space in the parking lot hopped out of my car. I walked into the main office. A lady looked up and I saw a name tag that said MISS CATHY STEVENS, SECRETARY. "Hi, are you Elizabeth Matthews?" She asked. "Yup." I said. "I'm Miss Stevens, and here is you're schedule and map. You've already filled out the paperwork last week, correct?" She asked, handing me two sheets of paper. I nodded. "Well then, enjoy your day, sweetie." She smiled. I thanked her and walked out of the room. I looked down and the schedule said that I had homeroom art. Oh thank God! I love art! And that's in building one. "Hi there, are you Elizabeth Matthews?" A short, pale girl with spikey black hair asked me. She had honey colored eyes, I thought she was breathtaking. "Yeah," I said, running my hand through my hair, "But I prefer Lizzie." I smiled. "Alice Cullen. Hey, do you mind if I see your schedule?" She asked. I handed it over. "It looks like we've got all the same classes, except gym and writing at the end of the day. Do you want me to help you get around?" Alice offered. I nodded. "That'd be great, thanks." "Hey, Alice." A boy with thick dark brown hair came up next to her. I almost cried he looked so much like my brother. He looked at me shocked. "Uh, Lizzie, this is my little brother, err Max." She stumbled over his name. "Hi." I blinked. But he walked away. "Don't mind him, Lizzie. C'mon!" She pulled me into the building and into the art room. The art room was basically counters with space for two and Alice pulled me to one.
Lunch Time
"C'mon, Lizzie, sit with me and my family!" Alice said, towing me out of the lunch line after I'd paid. I wasn't hungry, so I'd bought only a lemonade and an apple. Alice pulled me to a table with kids as pale and beautiful as her. She pulled out a chair next to a boy with reddish brown hair. I sat down timidly. "Hi," I smiled. "Hey, you're Lizzie, right?" A girl with golden hair smiled at me. I nodded. "Ok, remember these names, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Edward, and you know Max." Alice told me, pointing to each of them. They all greeted me. The one I sat next to was Edward. "I think you're in all my classes, Lizzie." He smiled at me. I smiled back. "We'll have to sit together sometime." Wow, he was hot. He snickered a bit, like he heard me say it, no or think it makes more sense, since I didn't say it. "Not hungry?" Emmett asked me. "Nah, not really. Kinda lost my appitite. First day of school nerves and all. All though, I never really tend to eat much anyway." I replied. They filled me in on how they were all adopted and Jasper and Rose were twins. And how they liked to take sunny days of school off to hike. "Oh, me and my dad and my twin brother used to hike all the time." I told them. "Where's your twin?" Jasper asked. " He went missing when we were 12 and three months later was declared dead." I replied unconfortably. "Oh, Lizzie, I'm so sorry." Alice said, squeezing my shoulders. "Thanks. I have a little sister though, Mallory." I smiled. "She knows how hard it is for me." "How old is Mallory?" Max asked. "12." I said. "So, how do you like Forks so far?" Rosalie continued, easing slowly of the awkward subject of Nick. "It's nice, if you like this kinda weather. I kinda like to paint and stuff, so being from California, I usually like to do it in the sun." I told them. "You like to paint?" Jasper asked. "Yeah! She's, like, an artist! She blew Miss Kalicur away this morning! And in music she-" Alice was cut off by Jasper shoving a piece of bread in her mouth. We all laughed. She continued to talk over it and it sounded like this: "Payted a selve compozd pece." We laughed even more. Alice chewed and swallowed, almost forcingly it seemed like. "She could be Edward's perfect match with the writing and playing of piano and all." Alice carried on. I looked down, embarassed. "Alice, I'm not all that good." I replied. "No! You're amazing!" She said with a dreamy look in her eyes. I took the last bite off my apple and shot it into a nearby waste basket. It sailed in. "All righty, I better be off. Nice meeting you all!" I said. They all said bye as I walked away. Nice bunch of kids. I went into my locker and grabbed my writing stuff. And I trotted over to building three.
Opon Entering The Writing Class
Great. No more seats left. Just perfect. And why did all these class rooms that didn't need them have these massive counters for desks with space for two people only! "Ah! Miss Matthews, is it?" An old lady asked. "Lizzie." I told her. "Everyone, meet the new girl, Lizzie Matthews. I'm Mrs.Jones." She told me and I smiled. Someone familiar caught my eye. Edward beckoned me over to his table. I scurried over to him. "Thanks," I whispered. "No problem." He smiled at me. "Okay, so today does anyone have anything to share that they wrote over the summer?" The teacher asked. I raised my hand, along with a bunch of other kids. "Why don't we have Lizzie read?" She told me and waved me up. I grabbed my notebook and walked up. "Ok, so this isn't really good, but I guess everyone's their own worst critic." I smiled sheepishly. "I am an artist. And I like to think as the world as my canvas. My canvas is blank and as I move along in life, I begin to paint. As I trace and sketch and paint and draw I realize that I can't do it alone. That I need people to help. And as I build relationships, a new part of my canvas us completed. That's all I've got so far. Told you, it's not my best." I blushed and sat back down. The teacher looked shocked. "I thought it was amazing." She said, speechless. Edward mock punched me, "It sounded great. I don't know what you were worried about." He said. "Thanks." I said, looking ahead. I listened to some of the other kids, getting some inspiration when something was slide under my arm. I looked down at a ripped piece of notebook paper with Edward's number scribbled on it. I ripped it in half and scribbled my number back. The rest off the day flew by and I was know in the parking lot, walking towards my car. I noticed a silver Volvo parked next to it, and all of the Cullen kids surounded it. I smiled at them as I walked by and threw my things in the car. "Hey, Lizzie," Edward called, motioning me to come over to them. I walked over. "Yep?" I asked. "I was wondering, if you'd wanna hang out sometime?" He asked. "Uh, well, we don't have a lot of homework today, if it's ok with your parents, why don't you guys come over my house now?" I asked. Edward spoke for all of them, "That'd be great, should I follow you?" He asked. "Obviously, unless you've been stocking me for the past two weeks and know were I live already." I laughed at him. They all laughed with me. "Actually, Edward, Jazz, Em, and I got loads of homework, we're gonna head home." Rose said. "Ok, I'll drop Alice off at Lizzie's and them swing home with you guys and then come back."
"Mom! I'm home!" I called. Alice and I took off our shoes and left our bags in the main hallway. Mallory sat at island doing homework. "Home early, Mom?" I asked her, she had her back turned. "Yeah, I let myself out early." Mom is the boss of a world famous law firm, which she had moved to Forks. "Hi, Ms. Stevens." Alice said. "Oh, hello, hun." Mom said suprised. "Mom, this is Alice Cullen, her brother Edward's coming over soon, they're both in my class." I told her, Alice and I taking a seat at the island. "Oh, Alice, Esme works at my office. Sweet lady." Mom said to Alice. Alice smiled and nodded, "Yeah, she really is." And to Mallory she said, "Hey, Mallory, Lizzie's told me loads about you." Mallory smiled up at her, "Hi, Alice, I would say the same for you... but that'd be rather odd." She laughed. We joined her. Alice sounded like windchimes. Ding dong. "I'll get it!" Mallory called and skipped to the door. Alice tensed but I cautioned her. "She'll be alright." I said. I heard the door swing open. "Hi there, you must be Mallory." Edward's velvety voice said. "And you must be that dude, uh...Edward. Right?" Mal said. Edward laughed. "Yup, that's me." Mal showed him into the kitchen. "Hey," He said, standing in the doorway, Mallory sitting backdown. I introduced him to my Mom. "So..." Alice trailed off. "You can sit down, you know." I told Edward. "Right." He said and sat down next to me. It was kinda awkward, with my Mom and Mal being there. "Hey, do you guys have homework?" Mom asked. I shook my head. "So, Lizzie, you like to paint?" Alice asked. Mallory piped in,"Yeah! You should check out her room!" So Edward and Alice begged and I brought them up. I flipped on the light switch to my room and they saw all the filled canvouses, sketch pads, notebooks, my keyboard, everything. "Wow." They both said in awe. "Yeah, it's a mericale that I actually keep it clean." I sighed. "These are gorgeous." TBC (in the next ch it'll be a month since schools started.)

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