Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Enjoy =)

Chapter 3 friends already...

by: MiSS_CRiS
"We were heading for some coffee, you wanna come?" she asked
"Sure!" I said as Damon came up behind them
"Hello Kaedyn...Elena, Stefan!" he said opening his car door

Stefan just starred at him and then back at me. It was the same look he had at lunch today when I mentioned Damon.

"I'll ride with you so you know where to go, if that's ok." Elena said trying unsuccessfully to break the akward silence.
"Um, yeah that's fine." I said
"We'll meet you there!" she said to Stefan giving him a quick peck on the lips.

I got into my car and just starred out the window at Stefan and Damon. Stefan was tellin him something but I didn't know what and I wasn't about to roll down my window to find out. I noticed Damon take a peek at me from the corner of his eye and I got a really weird feeling.

I drove through the streets following the directons Elena was giving me until we reached our destination. I was sure that Elena and I would have a few minutes to ourselves before Stefan came so I decided to ask what was up with Stefan and Damon.

"So what's the deal with Stefan and Damon?" I asked as we took a seat on one of the couches
"They don't get along that well." she said hesitant

She avoided my confused expression and her eyes lit up at something behind me. I looked back and Stefan was walking over. He took a seat next to Elena and kissed her on the cheek; they were such a perfect couple.

"Elena said that you and Damon don't really get along." I said looking at Stefan
"We....tolorate eachother!" he said
"You guys are brothers." I said
"An unfortunate mistake." he said
"It can't be that bad." I said
"For now it's not." he said

The rest of the afternoon we just t alked about what my life was like back home. Elena had brought up a dance that was happening in a few weeks and a party this weekend that she wanted me to go to. By the time I got home it was almost time for dinner.

"Where have you been?" Kaleb asked when I walked into the house
"Hanging out at the coffee shop with a girl a met at school." I replied heading up stairs
"I was starting to think you were with that guy I saw you talking with during lunch." he said following me
"Uh, no!" I stated putting my bag in the desk "Are you going to interrogate me some more or can go down to dinner?" I asked

He rolled his eyes and gestured to the door, following behind me as I went back to the dinning area. During dinner my dad asked the same questions any parent would ask about their kids first day at a new school; Kaleb and I answered automatically. I wasn't in the mood for dinner small talk so I excused myself and headed up to my room to finish my homework and decided I'd write a bit in my diary before I went to sleep.

Dear Diary,
Well today was the first day of school. It actually wasn't all that bad, I mean there was the usual stares since I was the "new" girl in school. I met a few ineresting people and made a couple of friends. There is this one guy though, he seems a bit strange and completely full of himself. But whatever, he'll figure out sooner or later that I am not his type.

The rest of the week went by in a blur and it was finally friday. I intended on sleeping in a bit but that didn't happen; I was up by 6:30am. Once again I found myself standing in my room debating what to wear like I have every morning. I settled on a pair of dark grey with black pin stripe volcom shorts, black and white layered tank tops and a pair of black reef sandals. I grabded my coach purse out of my closet and a pair of VZ shandes. I was in no mood to go all one on my hair so I just put in up in a pony tail.

I walked slowly down to the kitchen; I wasn't about to rush off to school today. My dad was sitting at the table sipping some coffee and reading the paper. I walked over to the kitchen counter and made myself self a cup before sitting next to him.

"Morning dad!" I said
"Mornin' kid!" he said putting the paper down "You're up early!" he said
"Yeah, I tried sleeping in but that obviously didn't work." I shruged "Where's Kaleb?" I asked
"He just left, said you took to long." he replied
"It's not that I take long, he's the one who rolls out of bed and just puts a shirt on." I said rolling my eyes "He's practically ready when he wakes up." I said
"You know your brother!" he stated
"I'm gonna go, see you later dad." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek

Pulled up to the school and parked next to Kalebs truck. I had just stepped out and closed my door when Damon came driving up. I didn't feel like deal with him this morning so I just walked in to the school and went straight to my locker; which was next to Elenas. She was already there with Bonnie.

"Hey guys!" I said walking up
"Hey!" the both said
"So, are you coming with us to the party tonight?" Bonnie asked
"Yeah, sure!" I said grabbing some books out of my locker
"We'll meet up at my house and get ready." Elena said
"Sounds good!" I said

The day went by quickly and it was the last class of the day--Art. I had gotten to class early and decided to do some sketching. I heard Ms. Ross talking to someone but didn't look to see who it was.

"Nice sketch, new girl!" I heard him say
"Haven't we been through this already, Damon?" I questioned without looking up at him
"We have! But I can tell it gets under your skin, as I do." he whispered in my ear
"The whole ''new girl'' comment might, but you sure don't." I said
"We shall see!" he said

I heard his soft steps leading away and I hoped he had left the room since he wasn't in this class. I looked up from my book and he was sitting a few desks away from me with a smirk on his face. I shook my head and rolled my eyes getting back to what I was doing.

I really didn't understand what girls saw in him, he was completely full of himself and he knew it. Yeah he was unbelievably good looking and his eyes--light blue--were pretty sexy, but that was all that was good about him. I wasn't going to be just another girl he thought he could string along and I sure wasn't the type girl who would buy in to his fake charms.

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